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The editorial office has received a number of edited volumes that will be of interest to our readership. To introduce these works, we occasionally list in this section the publication information and tables of contents entries. The six volumes selected for this issue examine populism, popular politics, and the left in Latin America, with an emphasis on recent work concerning Hugo Chávez in Venezuela.

Venezuela before Chávez: Anatomy of an Economic Collapse. Edited by Ricardo Hausmann and Francisco Rodríguez. University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2014. Pp. vii, 468. $102.00 cloth.

Ricardo Hausmann and Francisco Rodríguez

Why Did Venezuelan Growth Collapse?
Ricardo Hausmann and Francisco Rodríguez

Venezuela after a Century of Oil Exploitation
Osmel Manzano

Public Investment and Productivity Growth in the Venezuelan Manufacturing Industry
José Pineda and Francisco Rodríguez

The Incidence of Labor Market Reforms on Employment in the Venezuelan Manufacturing Sector, 1995-2001
Omar Bello and Adriana Bermúdez

Understanding Economic Growth in Venezuela, 1970-2005: The Real Effects of a Financial Collapse
Matías Braun [End Page 643]

Much Higher Schooling, Much Lower Wages: Human Capital and Economic Collapse in Venezuela
Daniel Ortega and Lant Pritchett

Income Distribution and Redistribution in Venezuela
Samuel Freije

Competing for Jobs or Creating Jobs? The Impact of Immigration on Native-Born Unemployment in Venezuela, 1980–2003
Dan Levy and Dean Yang

Sleeping in the Bed One Makes: The Venezuelan Fiscal Policy Response to the Oil Boom
María Antonia Moreno and Cameron A. Shelton

Institutional Collapse: The Rise and Decline of Democratic Governance in Venezuela
Francisco Monaldi and Michael Penfold

The Political Economy of Industrial Policy in Venezuela
Jonathan Di John

Explaining Chavismo: The Unexpected Alliance of Radical Leftists and the Military in Venezuela under Hugo Chávez
Javier Corrales

Oil, Macro Volatility, and Crime in the Determination of Beliefs in Venezuela
Rafael Di Tella, Javier Donna, and Robert MacCulloch

Understanding the Collapse: Venezuela’s Experience in Cross-National Perspective

Reorganizing Popular Politics: Participation and the New Interest Regime in Latin America. Edited by Ruth Berins Collier and Samuel Handlin. University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2009. Pp. x, 394. $65.00 cloth, $30.00 paper.

Part I. Interest Politics and the Popular Sectors

Popular Representation in the Interest Arena
Ruth Berins Collier and Samuel Handlin [End Page 644]

Situating the Analysis: Analytic Approach, Cases, and Historical Context.
Ruth Berins Collier and Samuel Handlin

Logics of Collective Action, State Linkages, and Aggregate Traits: The UP-Hub versus the A-Net
Ruth Berins Collier and Samuel Handlin

Part II. Individual Participation in the Interest Arena

Direct Action and Associational Participation: Problem-Solving Repertoires of Individuals
Thad Dunning

Political Participation and Representational Distortion: The Nexus between Associationalism and Partisan Politics
Jason Seawright

Part III. The Popular-Sector Interest Regime

Targeting State and Society: Strategic Repertoires of Associations
Diana Kapiszewski

Three Forms of Scaling: Embeddedness, Nodal NGOs, and Flexible Fronts
Samuel Handlin and Diana Kapiszewski

Associational Linkages to Labor Unions and Political Parties
Candelaria Garay

Part IV. Conclusion

General Patterns and Emergent Differences
Samuel Handlin and Ruth Berins Collier

Latin American Populism in the Twenty-First Century. Edited by Carlos de la Torre and Cynthia J. Arnson. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013. Pp. xii, 398. $30.00 paper.

Introduction: The Evolution of Latin American Populism and the Debates over its Meaning
Carlos de la Torre and Cynthia J. Arnson [End Page 645]

Parties and Populism in Latin America
Kenneth M. Roberts

Populism in Democratic Times: Populism, Representative Democracy, and the Debate on Democratic Deepening
Enrique Peruzzotti

What Do We Mean When We Talk About Populism?
Francisco Panizza

Populism and Social Policy in Latin America
Kurt Weyland

From the Perόns to the Kirchners: “Populism” in Argentine Politics
Hector E. Schamis

Populism, Neopopulism, and the Left in Brazil: From Getúlio to Lula
Leslie Bethell

Populism in Peru: From APRA to Ollanta Humala
Cynthia McClintock

Populism, Rentierism, and Socialism in the Twenty-First Century: The Case of Venezuela
Margarita Lόpez Maya and Alexandra Panzarelli

From the MNR to the MAS: Populism, Parties, The State...


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