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  • Midnight Mass
  • Katie Hartsock (bio)

At what no one saw in the woods, dogs barked.The moon once swaddled sky, hanging as hugeas a face above one’s bed — her sleepy fuguehas publicized earth’s weakened pull. We parkedabove a river today, drank a few beerson a rose and cream granite bar. You prince.We slept through the solstice lunar eclipse,but I’ve seen bare clear suns redden your hair.Wonder counselor, the prophet called the babe.Babe, you call me, you who called all the girlsyou knew women. We sang Joy to the World,my arm in yours. How the world has aged!It saddened you once, but be saddened no more.Whatever stirred the dogs approaches the door. [End Page 661]

Katie Hartsock

katie hartsock is the author of a poetry chapbook, Hotels, Motels, and Extended Stays. She holds an MFA from the University of Michigan, and a PhD in Comparative Literary Studies from Northwestern University.



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