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  • IndexVolume 56 (2015)
  • Abbott, C. (R) 544

  • Adams, S., Home Fires: How Americans Kept Warm in the 19th Century (R) 980

  • Adapting to Flexible Response: 1960–1968, W. Poole (R) 998

  • Aerospace: Conway, “Simulation and Spacecraft Design: Engineering Mars Landings,” 812; Ferguson, NASA’s First A: Aeronautics from 1958 to 2008 (R) 997; Messeri and Vertesi, “The Greatest Missions Never Flown: Anticipatory Discourse and the ‘Projectory’ in Technological Communities,” 54; Neufeld, ed., Spacefarers: Images of Astronauts and Cosmonauts in the Heroic Era of Spaceflight (R) 288

  • Africa: Camprubi, “Resource Geopolitics: Cold War Technologies, Global Fertilizers, and the Fate of Western Sahara,” 676; Lamont and Lee, “Arrive Alive: Road Safety in Kenya and South Africa,” 464; Mavhunga, Transient Workspaces: Technologies of Everyday Innovation in Zimbabwe (R) 1002

  • Agriculture: Danbom, Sod Busting: How Families Made Farms on the 19th-Century Plains (R) 982

  • Altshuler, J., Las Comunicaciones Internacionales de Cuba: Del Correo Maritímo al Satélite (R) 975

  • American Railroads: Decline and Renaissance in the Twentieth Century, R. Gallmore and J. Mayer (R) 551

  • America’s Assembly Line, D. E. Nye (R) 991

  • Andersen, C. (R) 767

  • Angevine, R. (R) 538

  • Animals: Soppelsa, “Reviving Animals as Technology: Ann Norton Greene, Horses at Work,” 252

  • Appletopia: Media Technology and the Religious Imagination of Steve Jobs, B. T. Robinson (R) 291

  • Arapostathis, S., and G. Gooday, Patently Contestable: Electrical Technologies and Inventor Identites on Trial in Britain (R) 276

  • Arming Mother Nature: The Birth of Catastrophic Environmentalism, J. Hamblin (R) 293

  • “Arrive Alive: Road Safety in Kenya and South Africa,” M. Lamont and R. Lee, 464

  • Asia: Doron and Jeffrey, The Great Indian Phone Book: How the Cheap Cell Phone Changes Business, Politics, and Daily Life (R) 563; Fang, Barefoot Doctors and Western Medicine in China (R) 780; Kim, N., and Nagase-Reimer, eds., Mining, Monies, and Culture in Early Modern Societies: East [End Page 1016] Asian and Global Perspectives (R) 267; McDonald, “Asymmetrical Integration: Lessons from a Railway Empire,” 115; Nishiyama, Engineering War and Peace in Modern Japan, 1868–1964 (R) 545; Prasad, Imperial Technoscience: Transnational Histories of MRI in the United States, Britain, and India (R) 562

  • “Asymmetrical Integration: Lessons from a Railway Empire,” K. McDonald, 115

  • Atkinson, P., Delete: A Design History of Computer Vapourware (R) 1013

  • The Automaton in English Renaissance Literature, W. Hyman, ed. (R) 751

  • Automobiles and automobility: Bernardin, “‘Taking the Problem to the People’: Traffic Safety from Public Relations to Political Theory, 1937–1954,” 420; Bijsterveld et al., Sound and Safe: A History of Listening behind the Wheel (R) 555; Esbester, “Promoting Road Safety,” 493; Lamont and Lee, “Arrive Alive: Road Safety in Kenya and South Africa,” 464; Moraglio, “Knights of Death: Introducing Bicycles and Motor Vehicles to Turin, 1890–1907,” 370; Norton, “Four Paradigms: Traffic Safety in the Twentieth-Century United States,” 319; Oddy, “This Hill Is Dangerous,” 335; Vinsel, “Designing to the Test: Performance Standards and Technological Change in the U.S. Automobile after 1966,” 868; Weber, “Safety or Efficiency? Strategies and Conflicting Interests in Belgian Road-Safety Policy, 1920–1940,” 394; Wetmore, “Delegating to the Automobile: Experimenting with Automotive Restraints in the 1970s,” 440; Wetmore and Esbester, “Introduction: Global Perspectives on Road Safety History,” 307

  • Avanti, P., “Captivating Technologies: Reflections on the Equal-Tempered Diatonic Keyboard,” 150

  • Aviation: Ganson, Texas Takes Wing: A Century of Flight in the Lone Star State (R) 553; Jeon, “The Virtual Flier: The Link Trainer and the Simulation of Flight Experience,” 28

  • Awards: “Awards,” 209

  • Aylen, J., and R. Ranieri, eds., Ribbon of Fire: How Europe Adopted and Developed US Strip Mill Technology (1920–2000) (R) 556

  • Backhouse, R. (R) 547

  • Baggott, S.; see K. Quickenden

  • Barefoot Doctors and Western Medicine in China, X. Fang (R) 780

  • Baroque Science, O. Gal and R. Chen-Morris (R) 533

  • Bartha, B., Y. Bergman, S. Łotysz, A. Turza, “Forty-first Symposium of the International Committee for the History of Technology: ‘Technology in Times of Transition,’ Brasov, Romania, 29 July–2 August 2014,” 241

  • Bathroom, B. Penner (R) 787

  • Benesch, K.; see M. Orvell

  • Bernardin, S., “‘Taking the Problem to the People’: Traffic Safety from Public Relations to Political Theory, 1937–1954,” 420...


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