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  • From the Editors
  • Aaron W. Hughey, EdD and Brian Bourke, PhD , Co-Editor, Co-Editor

In November 2013, the Southern Association for College Student Affairs (SACSA) Executive Council chose Dr. Aaron Hughey and Dr. April Heiselt as the new co-editors of the College Student Affairs Journal. It was an honor to be selected for this position and we appreciated the support we were given by the Executive Council, our CSAJ team, colleagues, authors, and friends. This past July, Dr. Heiselt accepted a position outside the SACSA region and therefore decided to resign as co-editor of the Journal. Dr. Heiselt’s leadership over the past two years has been appreciated; her tireless effort to keep the Journal in the forefront of the student affairs profession is noteworthy. It is important to note that the articles published in the current issue of CSAJ and the one that will follow next Spring were accepted during her tenure as co-editor and therefore she is deserving of the credit for helping to navigate them through the editorial process. The quality of these articles speaks to her high standards and dedication; her contributions to the process were instrumental in helping to move the publication forward and she will be greatly missed. In order to maintain continuity during a time of exceptional transition, Dr. Brian Bourke, one of the Associate Editors, was asked by the Executive Council to assume the role of co-editor of the Journal. Dr. Bourke is an assistant professor at Murray State University. He brings years of experience to the editorial process and he hit the road running with respect to this assignment. Leadership, vision, proficiency, and hard-work are the keys to the success of an academic journal; Brian has all the necessary bases securely covered.

Dr. Hughey and Dr. Bourke would like to offer their profound thanks to the current CSAJ editorial team; this issue would not have been possible without the conscientious, enthusiastic, and steadfast support of our Associate Editors: Dr. Monica G. Burke, assistant professor at Western Kentucky University; Dr. Chris Linder, assistant professor at the University of Georgia; and Dr. Darris R. Means, also an assistant professor at the University of Georgia. These professionals have put in countless hours coordinating the many tasks that go into making CSAJ a reality. What you are now reading would not be possible without their ‘above and beyond’ devotion to producing a resource of the highest quality possible for our profession.

As you have no doubt noticed, the current issue of the College Student Affairs Journal represents a [End Page 1] major overhaul – and we feel a significant step forward – from the way the Journal has been published through most of its existence. Beginning with this issue, CSAJ will be available exclusively in electronic format through Project MUSE, “a leading provider of digital humanities and social sciences content.” Moreover, SACSA is now the official publisher of the Journal, which gives the Association a measure of control that has not been experienced in the past.

Given the capabilities associated with our new format, we are exploring several options designed to augment and enhance the efficacy of CSAJ. These including getting all prior volumes online, developing a searchable database, and organizing journal content into designated areas of interest. We have confidence that Project MUSE will prove to be an invaluable partner in these and other endeavors aimed at raising the profile of CSAJ; the goal is, as always, to make the Journal more relevant to the different constituencies it serves. We will be providing more information on the coming changes as they continue to evolve.

So please enjoy the wide-ranging, interesting, and relevant articles contained in the Fall 2015 issue of CSAJ as they represent a variety of the thought-provoking topics under study within the field of student affairs. Also, please know that we are very interested in your input and suggestions as we want CSAJ to be as responsive as possible to the needs of the profession in general and to SACSA in particular. Feel free to contact us as at any time with ideas you may have that will serve to enhance CSAJ.

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