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Alworth, David J. Henry James, Fredric Jameson, and the Social Art of Sculpture. 212–25.

Brenkman, John. Beautiful Circuits and Subterfuges. 249–56.

Clifton, Glenn. More Perceptions than Terms to Translate Them: The Enigmatic Signifier and the Jamesian Unconscious in What Maisie Knew. 163–76.

Coit, Emily. Henry James’s Dramas of Cultivation: Liberalism and Democracy in The Bostonians and The Princess Casamassima. 177–95.

Evans, Brad. Relating in Henry James (The Artwork of Networks). 1–23.

Griffin, Susan M. Introduction to Fredric Jameson-Henry James. 197–98.

Holmgren, Lindsay. Knowing Maisie. 64–80.

Jaffe, Aaron. Total Unconscious: Jameson, Conrad, and James. 257–66.

Jameson, Fredric. Remarks on Henry James. 296–306.

Johanningsmeier, Charles. Henry James and American Public Libraries, 1875–1916. 45–63.

Kent, Jessica A. Speaking in James: Cynthia Ozick’s “Dictation” and “The Jolly Corner.” 101–16.

Kornbluh, Anna. The Realist Blueprint. 199–211.

Kwon, Teckyoung. Love as an Act of Dissimulation in “The Beast in the Jungle.” 148–62.

Maurice, Alice. Fiction, Drama, and the Space Between: Race and Performance in James’s The Other House. 81–91. [End Page 325]

Moore, Daniel. Lateness in James and Jameson. 288–95.

Murphet, Julian. Aesthetic Perception and “the flaw”: Towards a Jamesonian Account of Late James. 226–33.

Ross, Shawna. Hashtags, Algorithmic Compression, and Henry James’s Late Style. 24–44.

Sawaya, Francesca. “Almost everything that was usual was iniquitous”: Suspicion and Proof in Henry James and Fredric Jameson. 234–40.

Stojanovic, Nevena. “Like a Dazzling Curtain of Light”: Fanny Assingham’s Performances of Jewishness in The Golden Bowl. 129–47.

Wegner, Phillip E. The Possibilities of the Novel: A Look Back on the James-Wells Debate. 267–79.

Wetherbee, Ben. Jameson, Burke, and the Virus of Suggestion: Between Ideology and Rhetoric. 280–87.

Williams, Merle A. Knowing the Dramatist by His Choices: James, Ibsen, and The Awkward Age. 117–28.

Wilmarth, Constance. Framing the Subject: Jameson’s James and The Wings of the Dove. 241–48.

Review Essay

Nutters, Daniel Rosenberg. The Abysses in James Studies. Review of Leonardo F. Lisi. Marginal Modernity: The Aesthetics of Dependency from Kierkegaard to Joyce; and Dennis Tredy, Annick Duperray, and Adrian Harding, eds. Henry James and the Poetics of Duplicity. 92–100.

Book Reviews

De Biasio, Anna. Review of John Carlos Rowe, ed. Henry James Today. E-26–E-28.

Frazier, Kevin. Review of Henry James. Painting the Novel: The Fine Art of Fiction in Henry James’s Prefaces. E-6–E-12.

Goldberg, Shari. Review of Jessa Crispin, ed. Spolia: The Henry James Issue. E-23–E-26.

Kovács, Ágnes Zsófia. Review of Oliver Tearle. Bewilderments of Vision: Hallucination and Literature, 1880–1914. E-15–E-18.

Pooler, Mhairi. A “Magnificent Distinction”: Hearing Quiet Testimony. Review of Shari Goldberg. Quiet Testimony: A Theory of Witnessing from Nineteenth-Century American Literature. E-19–E-23.

Posman, Sarah. Review of Omri Moses. Out of Character: Modernism, Vitalism, Psychic Life. E-1–E-5.

Raw, Laurence. Review of Anna De Biasio, Anna Despotopoulou, and Donatella Izzo, eds. Transforming Henry James. E-12–E-15. [End Page 326]



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