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From the ISAST Office MILLENNIUM 1 1 1 : AN INVITATION TO PROPOSE A MONUMENT FOR A.D. 2001 Concept Proposals are invited to commemorate the beginning of the third millennium. A monument is envisagedwhich may be eitherphysical orspiritual, material orimmaterial. It must be forward looking and planned to survive at least 500 years. It must be global in concept and understandable and accessibleto people all over the world. This monument is conceived as commemorating the survival of humankind and our race’s achievements in the arts, sciences and technologies. It must challenge the apocalyptic prophecies associated with the end of a millennium. This monument should project thehope fora world in which our descendants will look back on the present generation as one that took conscious responsibility for the future of the planet and its inhabitants. Physical Monument Thefollowing examples may make the concept of a MZLLENNZUMZZZMonumentclear. One might take as an example Andrew Carnegie, who at the beginning of this century provided a vast number of public libraries in English-speaking countries; local authorities gave the sites and provided maintenance, hegavethebuildings and the books. Today, asa physicalmonument, onemightconsider electronic libraries of cassettes, compact discs and floppy discs. More simply, one might propose a Global Encyclopaedia with world-wide dissemination. One could imagine municipalities, already linked by the sister-city system, creating new parks with identical, or at least forward-looking, artworks. Why not plan to re-afforest denuded areas of our planet? It worked in Israel, why not world-wide? ImmaterialMonument As an immaterial monument, one might propose a new institution, similar to the Smithsonian Institution, devoted to the ‘increase and diffusion of knowledge’. The new institution could be dedicated to the ‘use and application of existing knowledge for the improvement of the human condition’. Other approaches could be to reinvigorate the establishment of common world languages shared amongthe majority of the human race, orto setup a global educational interactive televisionor communication network to reinforcetheconnections betweenpeoplesaroundthe world. Examplesare the People-to-People television conferences that have been organised in recent years to promote the increase of understanding between peoples of the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. Conditions This invitation for proposals is issued jointly by the journal Interdisciplinary ScienceReviews and thejournal Leonard0in simultaneouspublication. Proposals must reach oneof the editorial officesby 1 January 1990. One can expect a worthwhile proposal to take 10years to reach fruition. Proposals Each proposal must includean executivesummary of no morethan 250words in English. There isno restriction on the supporting information that may beprovided. Theproposal must includeaone-page discussion of the likely costs and of ideas for financing. (Neither journal is in a position to provide funding for proposals or projects.) Copyright and all other rights will remain with the proposer. Judging All proposals will be reviewed by the two journal Editors. The 20 most worthy proposals will be submittedtothejoint Editorial Board of thetwojournals forfinaljudging. TheBoard’s decisionwillbe final. The practicability of the proposal will be given high priority in the judging. @ 1980 EAST PergamonPress pic. Printedin Great Britain. 0024-094X/88 $3.0010.00 LEONARDO, Vol. 21, NO.3, pp. 229-230,1988 Publication The three best proposalswillbe published in bothjournals. In addition,the executivesummaries of the next 10best proposals will also be published. This invitation, as well as publication of the results, will be given the widest possible publicity and be distributed to individuals, foundations and institutions that may be interested in implementing or funding the MZLLENNZUM ZZZ Monument A.D. 2001. Anthony R. Michaelis Editor Interdisciplinary Science Reviews Spectrum House Hillview Gardens London NW4 254 England Roger F. Malina Executive Editor Leonard0 2020 Milvia Street Berkeley, CA 94704 U.S.A. Parce que je ne suis pas lettri, certains prtsomptueux prttendent nvoir lieu de me blimer, en alleguant que j e ne suis pas un humnniste. Stupide engeance, ils nc savent ,pas, ceux-lh, que j e pourrais leur ripondre, comme Marius aim patriciens romnins: ‘Ceux qui se privalent eux-mtmes des ejorts d’autrui ne veulent pas me laisser les miens.’ Ils diront que, faute d’avoir des lettres,j c ne peux bien dire ce que j e veux exprimer. Or, ils ignorent que mes oeuvres sont plutijt...


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