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New York, NY, U.S.A., 1987. 431 pp., illus. Paper, $19.91. The TransformationoftheA vant-GardeThe New York Art World, 1940-1985. Diana Crane. University of Chicago Press,Chicago,IL,U.S.A., 1987.240pp., illus. Trade,$24.95. ISBN: 0 226-11789-8. Vision,Brain, and CooperativeComputaLeonard0 publishes reports of software that may be of interest to artists. While several newsletters and publications are dedicated to computer graphics and computer-related art, the software often remains inaccessible. Readers wishing to report on software currently available or under development should request a software description tion. M.A. Arbib and A.R. Hanson. MIT Press,Cambridge, MA, U.S.A., 1987.730 pp. Trade, $65.00. Women Artists. International Sculpture Center, 1050 Potomac Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20007, U.S.A., 1987. 224 pp., illus. Trade, $36.00 (members); $42.00 (non-members). 111. Software Survey Women Artists in Nineteenth-Century France and England; TheirArt Education, Exhibition OpportunitiesandMembership of Exhibiting Societies and Academies, with an Assessment ofthe Subject Matter of Their Workand SummaryBiographies, 2 vols. Charlotte Yeldham. Garland Publishing, New York, NY, U.S.A., 1987. 1,165 pp., illus. Trade, $138. ISBN: 0 8240-5989-1. questionnaire from the Main Editorial Office. Completed questionnaires will be Tracker-organizing, storing, tracking published in the Software Survey Section. method, IBM pC/XT/At or compatibles, Color or mono, floppy or hard disc. Requires 256Kb RAM and MS/PC-DOS 2 or later. Four report options; autodial. For more information write Adaptive USA, Inc., 3701 Birch Street, Newport Beach, CA 92660, U.S.A. SOFTWARERECEIVED I Announcement I.S.A.S.T. Directory of Resources in Art and Technology I.S.A.S.T. publishes a directory of resources of international opportunities and organizations dealing with art and technology. The directory is distributed biennially to all I.S.A.S.T. Associate Members. The first directory will be published in 1988. All organizations offering opportunities to artists, e.g. grants, funds, fellowships and artist-in-residence opportunities, or encouraging the interplay of art, science and technology are invited to send information to the Directorv Editor, I.S.A.S.T.. P.O. Box 421704, San Francisco, CA 94142-1704, U.S.A. Organizations changing their addresses also are urged to notify the Directory Editor. 222 Current Literature ...


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