The author describes the five stages of the development of her work ranging from still-life oil paintings to faceted stained glass and free-standing sculpture in fibreglass-reinforced polyester or in bronze. She traces factors that have affected her work throughout. These are: her interest in philosophy, the use of arcs and ellipses in her works, a quest for ways to achieve a sense of depth and her fascination with transparency and surface reflections.

She believes that her theistic view of life is expressed in her constructed designs and balanced compositions, whether she depicts nonfigurative subjects or Christ figures or sculpted forms derived from nature, and, particularly, in the continuity of their lines.

Skiing, sailing and gliding appeal to her, because they involve finding and following a ‘right’ line or curve. Her works sometimes recall wakes in water, ski tracks in snow and the shapes of trees. But she regards her interior, mental images as an equally meaningful influence that she wishes to share.

She attempts, in her article, to resolve present-day conflicts and paradoxes confronting some visual artists, such as protest or acceptance, art or nature, expert opinion or personal choice, to arrive or to move on, and illustrates her approach to them through her work.


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