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Top left: Alan W. Bernheimer. Untitled, color reflectograph, 19x 24 cm, 1966. (Fig. 4, cf. page 178) Top right:James F. Watkins. View o f afloating imageproduced by the kaleido-sculpture device, 1976(Fig. 1, cf. page 219) Centre:Aage Justesen. ‘PictonomFr 1 Sv,Anneliese Rothenberger’.silkscreenprint,42 x 55cm, 1976.(Fig. 1, cf. page 206) Bottom left: Robert J. Divita. ‘Earth,A Planet in the Universeof Hydrogen (The Building Block o f Life) ’, intaglio print, 28 x 35.5 cm, 1975. (Fig. 1, cf. page 181) Bottom right: Dale E. Mills. ‘Minagea trois’. acrylic paint, GlassStain, glass plate, miniature electric light bulbs, reflective bearis, 125 x I15 x 18 cm, 1977. (Fig. 3, cf. page 189) [facingpage 1901 ...


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