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  • Editor’s Note

This issue of the AJTP should be of special interest to readers for two reasons. First, it includes fine contributions on process thought from three senior scholars well known to the AJTP audience—Joseph Bracken, Dan Dombrowski, and Don Viney—as well as a very compelling article on Hegel’s pragmatism from an up-and-coming younger scholar, Lisa Landoe Hedrick. These articles historically and philosophically situate process philosophy and pragmatism in ways that illumine these traditions of American religious and philosophical thought in novel ways. Second, the Book Review section is devoted exclusively to the work of Creighton Peden, the founder of the Highlands Institute of American Religious and Philosophical Thought and also of this journal. It is a small and overdue tribute to his devoted yeoman’s work in the field of American religious and philosophical thought.

Finally, the editor would like readers to take note that the previous issue of AJTP (36, no. 2) incorrectly listed Brandon Daniel-McHughes as the author of “The Neglected Arguments of Peirce’s Neglected Argument: Beyond a Theological Dead-End.” The author’s correct name is: Brandon Daniel-Hughes.



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