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  • Just For a Thrill
  • Geoffrey Jacques (bio)

it’s not linguini or ice melting to the fridge’s constant hum it’s not an ironing board prop for a broken umbrella it’s not a boring video carted home in the rain it’s not your dirty bathtub

far be it from me to tell you how to spoke the hub —continue your strong support they’re doing a remarkable job for us if we don’t act by April 29th we’ll lose the chance to use all these challenges

we simply must find the will to pay our own way it is possible to advance together across these kinds of differences fueled by openness & promise

they like programs about chimps like National Geographic specials a lot of people are going to be hard put to explain why they’re doing this it’s going to be an endless, on-going activity just an endless message from white America it’s balanced for a healthy diet [End Page 114]

lingerie lotto live kiss classical fascinating mystery:

of course the subject matters

a muse in Chicago unknown heroine—

on a concrete bench watching footfalls she hears his unpleasant opinion made public in a note written years later

but what listener knows the director’s origin footfalls never meant to be seen

nothing special I wanted to say perhaps not so much as questions it really is romantic if you think about it hard enough but those involved lie on the narrative’s margin

& who’s got the nerve to question this end-of-century model its commanding synchronism, hissing & dripping

Geoffrey Jacques

Geoffrey Jacques is the Managing Editor of New Labor Forum and author of Suspended Knowledge, Free Within Ourselves: An Introduction to the Harlem Renaissance, Hunger and Other Poems, and The African-American Movement Today.


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