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390 Comparative Drama .long as critics and professors of dramatic literature shortsightedly main- .tain that there is no significant British drama between Shaw and the angry young men. Priestley's Mr. Kettle and Mrs. Moon (1955), despite its good-natured tone, effectively reveals the middle-class discontent that would only a few months later burst forth as Jimmy Porter's rage in John Osborne's Look Back in. Anger. Significantly, both plays were directed by Tony Richardson. Priestley himself, ironically, is named as an object of Jimmy's contempt for being the establishment figure the older writer in fact never was. ALBERT E. KALSON Purdue University Index to Volume 23 <1989-90) Cole, Howard C. D'Amico, Jack Devlin, Eugene J. The "Full Meaning" of The Two Gentlemen of Verona The Treatment of Space in Italian and Renaissance Theater: The Example of GrIngannati and Twelfth Night . The Imperial Play as Final Chapter in the Jesuit Theater in Austria . iii 201 iii 265 ii 141 Diller, Hans-JUrgen Theatrical Pragmatics: The Actor-Audience Relationship from the Mystery Cycles to the Early Tudor Comedies ii 156 Dundas, Judith The Refusal to Paint: Shakespeare's Poetry of Place Eisen, Kurt Eugene O'Neill's Joseph: A Touch of the Dreamer Guilfoyle, Cherrell Denial and Duality in Hamlet '"The Redemption of King Lear" Hoffman, Dean A. "Both bodily deth and werldly shame": "Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard" as Source for A Woman Killed With Kindness Kubiak, Anthony Trial and Error: Medea Prima Facie Lyons, Charles R. Silent Women and Shrews: Eroticism and Convention in Epicoene and Measure for Measure . Martin, R. A. Metatheater, Gender, and Subjectivity in Richard II and Henry IV, Part I . McGrath, F. C. Irish Babel: Brian Friel's Translations and George Steiner's After Babel Meyer, Kinereth "It Is Written": Tom Stoppard and the Drama of the Intertext . Muir, Lynette R. The Mass on the English Stage Remhardt, Ralf Erik The Birth of Reason from the Spirit of Carnival: Hans Sachs and Das Narren-8chneyden 391 . iv 331 iv 344 iv 297 50 ii 156 3 ii 123 iii 255 31 ii 105 iv 314 i. 70 392 CompaTative Drama Riggio, Milla Wisdom Enthroned: Iconic Stage Portraits ill 228 Truax, Elizabeth Macbeth and Hercules: The Hero Bewitched iv 359 REVIEWS SPRING: Staging O'Neill: The Experimental Years, 1920-1934, by Ronald H. Wainscott (Normand Berlin); Aristophanes' Old-and-Ne:w Comedy, I: Six Essays in Perspective, by Kenneth J. Reckford (Michael X. Zelenak); Shakespeare's Revision of King Lear, by Steven Urkowitz (John Wasson); Critical Essays on Edward Albee, ed. Philip C. Kolin and J. Madison, and Conversations with Edward Albee, ed. Philip C. Kolin (Philip J. Egan). SUMMER: Selected Letters of Eugene O'Neill, ed. Travis Bogard and Jackson R. Bryer (Michael Manheim); A Companion to Henslowe's Diary, by Neil Carson (Arthur F. Kinney); The Shifting Point: Theatre, Film, Opera, 1946-1987, by Peter Brook; The Mahabharata, trans. Peter Brook; The Field of Drama, by Martin Esslin; Vladimir's Carrot: Modem Drama and the Modem Imagination, by John Jeter (Enoch Brater); Peter ShaDer: Roles, Rites, and Rituals in the Theater, by Gene A. Plunka (Dennis A. Klein); "Concord in Discord": The Plays of John Ford 1586-1986, ed. Donald K. Anderson (Phoebe S. Spinrad); Tom Stoppard: The Artist as Critic, by Neil Sammells (Katherine E. Kelly); Hamlet: Film, Television, and Audio Performance , ed. Bernice Kliman (Frances Teague); The Banished Prince: Time, Memory, and 8itual in the Late Plays of Eugene O'Neill, by Laurin Porter (Michael Minden); The Designs of Carolean Comedy, by Eric Rothstein and Frances Kavenik (Christopher Spencer). FALL: W. H. Auden and Christopher Isherwood: Piays, and Other Dramatic Writings by W. H. Auden, 1928-1938, ed. Edward Mendelson (Edward Callan); Ancient Scripts and Modem Experience on the English Stage 1500-1700, by Bruce R. Smith (Arthur F. Kinney); Russian Drama of the Revolutionary Period, by Robert RUssell (E. J. Czerwinski); Russian and Soviet Theater 1905-1932, by Konstantin Rudnitsky, trans. Roxanne Permar, ed. Lesley Milne (James Fisher); Native Americans as Shown on the Stage, 1753-1916, by Eugene H. Jones (John H. Stroupe); Ibsen's Forsaken Merman: Folklore in the Late Plays, by Per Schelde Jacobsen and Barbara Fass Leavy (Thomas Van Laan). WINTER: Performance Dynamics and the Amsterdam Werkteater, by Dunbar H. Ogden (Thomas Postlewait); Renaissance Tragicomedy: Explorations in Genre and Politics, ed. Nancy Klein Maguire (John D. Cox); Contemporary Polish Theater and Drama (1956.1984), by E. J. Czerwinski (Zbigniew Folejewski); Acrobats of the Soul: Comedy and Virtuosity in Contemporary American Theatre, by Ron Jenkins (lames Fisher); Tragic Drama and the Family: Psychoanalytic Studies from Aeschylus to Beckett, by Bennett Simon (Nancy M. TISchler); Playboys and Killjoys: An Essay on the Theory and Practice of Comedy, by Harry Levin (William W. Combs); J. B. Priestley'S Plays, by Hoiger Klein (Albert E. Kalson). ...


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