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Robert Ornstein 269 stance and construction of Shakespearean tragedy to bias his chapters on the individual plays. His achievement as a critic suggests that definitions of the nature of tragedy can be stimu­ lating and useful but they are not the stuff that great interpreta­ tion is made on.2 NOTES 1 All page references are to Shakespearean Tragedy (1904; rpt. New York: Mac­ millan, 1949). 2 This essay was first presented as a lecture at the 1985 meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America. CORRECTION In the Winter 1984-85 issue of this journal, the first line of Irmgard Johnson's article "The Life of the Adult No Player in Japan Today" contains an inadvertent error. The line should read: "In Tokyo, where four of the five 'schools' of No drama are located. . . ." The fifth "school" is Kongo, in Kyoto. ...


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