This study examines the image-repair discourse of Richie Incognito throughout the events surrounding the Miami Dolphins’ bullying scandal during the 2013–2014 nfl season. Incognito embarked on a journey to salvage his image by utilizing both the social-media platform Twitter and through his exclusive one-on-one television interview with Fox Sports 1. For this study, Incognito’s tweets (n = 350) sent during the time frame of the crisis and his comments during the nationally televised interview were examined through mixed-methods content analysis using Benoit’s image repair theory as a theoretical framework. Results suggest that Incognito used competing image-repair strategies on Twitter and traditional media platforms. Via Twitter, Incognito predominantly used strategies of victimization, stonewalling, and attacking the accuser, along with a new category: exposing critics. On traditional media, he used shifting blame, good intentions, and bolstering.


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