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  • Document 4:Proclamation on the Conquest of Kano, 1903
  • Frederick D. Lugard

I emphatically forbade all slave raiding and all transactions in slaves, while saying that it was not my intention to interfere with the existing domestic slaves; but these would, like any one else in the land, at any time, have a right to appeal to the Resident, and, if they proved cruelty on the part of their masters, would be liberated. We recognized, I said, no less than they did that labouring classes must exist, and I had no desire to convert the existing farm and other labourers into vagrants, idlers, and thieves, but I hope that they would by and by see the advantage of paid free labour, which we considered more profitable and better than slave labour.1


1. Chinedu N. Ubah, Government and Administration of Kano Emirate, 1900-1930 (Nsukka: University of Nigeria Press, 1985), 217. [End Page 141]



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