restricted access Results of the Community Health Applied Research Network (CHARN) National Research Capacity Survey of Community Health Centers

Background: The mission of the Community Health Applied Research Network (CHARN) is to build capacity to carry out Patient-Centered Outcomes Research at community health centers (CHCs), with the ultimate goal to improve health care for vulnerable populations.

Objectives: The CHARN Needs Assessment Staff Survey investigates CHCs’ involvement in research, as well as their need for research training and resources. Results will be used to guide future training.

Methods: The survey was developed and implemented in partnership with CHARN CHCs. Data were collected across CHARN CHCs. Data analysis and reports were conducted by the CHARN data coordinating center (DCC).

Results: Survey results highlighted gaps in staff research training, and these gaps varied by staff role.

Conclusions: There is considerable variation in research involvement, partnerships, and focus both within and across CHCs. Development of training programs to increase research capacity should be tailored to address the specific needs and roles of staff involved in research.