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Recent Publications Relating to Canada PREPARED IN THE EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT OF UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO PRESS INCORPORATED BY MICHAEL D. STEVENSON This bibliography is intended to provide as complete coverage as possible of newly available material useful in the study ofany aspect of Canadian history. In keeping with the diverse backgrounds and interests ofour readers, both scholarly and well-researched popular sources are regularly listed. It should be noted that items of a purely contemporary or speculative nature and lacking appreciable historical content are normally excluded. Furthermore, accessibility considerations logically dictate that materials cited have appeared in published form, theses traditionally being the sole exception . Suggestions for possible inclusion in Recent Publications are welcomed and should be forwarded with the necessary technical information to the compiler at the Canadian Historical Review offices. See also Canadiana, a monthly list ofCanadian publications prepared by the National Library, Ottawa; International Perspectives; journal ofthe Parliaments ofthe Commonwealth, issued quarterly by the General Council ofthe Commonwealth Parliamentary Association; and in the University ofToronto Quarterly, 'Letters in Canada,' published in the November issue. Regionally oriented bibliographies are included in each issue of Acadiensis, BC Studies, and Revue d'histoire de l'Amerique .franc;:aise. MA and PHD theses listed were reported as recently completed in the Register ofPost-Graduate Dissertations in Progress in History and Related Subjects (CHA) for the current year. Users ofthis bibliography should bear in mind that all titles are listed only once. Because ofsubject overlap, alternative categories should be consulted. ABORIGINAL HISTORY BERNARD, TIM, and CATHERINE MARTIN, eds. Let Us Remember the Old Mi'kmaq. Halifax: Nimbus Publishing 2000. Pp. 144· illus. $19.95 CHRISTENSEN, DEANNA. Ahtahkakoop: The Epic Account ofa Plains Cree Head Chief, His People, and Their Vision for Survival, 1816-1896. Shell Lake: Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation 2000. $49·95 EDDINGTON, BRYAN. Little Brother ofWar: When Lacrosse Was More Than Just a Game. The Beaver 80 (5) (2000): 8-14 FRANK, GLORIA JEAN. 'That's My Dinner on Display': A First Nations Reflection on Museum Culture. BC Studies 125/126 (2000): 163-78 FREEMAN, VICTORIA. Distant Relations: How My Ancestors Colonized North America. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart 2000. Pp. 448, illus. $34·99 206 The Canadian Historical Review GELINAS, CLAUDE. Commerce des fourrures et societe autochtone en Haute-Mauricie ala fin du XVIIIe siecle. Recherches amerindiennes au Qulbec JO (2) (2000): 23-32 HAVARD, GILLES. Postes fran~ais et villages indiens: Un aspect de !'organisation de l'espace colonial fran~ais dans le Pays d'En Haut (1660-1715). Recherches amerindiennes au Que'bec 30 (2) (2000): II-22 LEGROS, DOMINIQUE. Vendetta et ceremonie de la paix chez Jes Athapascans tutchones (Yukon): pour une critique du lien nature et violence fait par saint Augustin, Hobbes et Levi-Strauss. Recherches amerindiennes au Que'bec 30 (2) (2000): 33-50 LOUIS, SHIRLEY. Q'Sapi: A History ofthe Okanagan Peoples as Told by Okanagan Families. Penticton: Theytus Books 2000. Pp. 212, illus. $19.95 PAUL, DANIEL We Were Not the Savages. Halifax: Fernwood 2000. $29.95 PINARD, CLAUDE. Le site IcGm-5, une occupation dorsetienne sur la cote est de la baie d'Hudson. Recherches amerindiennes au Que'bec 30 (2) (2000): 63-80 RONESS, LORI ANN, and KENT MCNEIL. Legalizing Oral History: Proving Aboriginal Claims in Canadian Courts. journal ofthe West 39 (3) (2000): 66-74 STECKLEY, JOHN, and BRYAN CUMMINS. Full Circle: Canada's First Nations. Toronto: Prentice Hall 2001. $39.95 STOPP, MARIANNE P. Apres la capture des phoques et des caribous: Une reformulation des modeles d'adaptation dans le Subarctique oriental. Recherches amerindiennes au Que'bec 30 (2) (2000): 51-62 VIAU, ROLAND. Femmes de personne: Sexes, genres et pouvoirs en iroquoisie ancienne. Montreal: Boreal 2000 DISCOVERY AND EXPLORATION MACPHERSON, MARGARET. Silk, Spices and Glory: In Search ofthe Northwest Passage. Calgary: Fifth House Publishers 2000. Pp. 224. $14.95 NEW FRANCE BOUDREAU, GERALD c. De l'exorcisme au rigorisme: L'Evangelisme de Sigogne chez Jes Acadiens. Les Cahiers de la Societe historique acadienne 31 (2) (2000): 73-81 CONCIATORI, CHRISTINE. De Ville-Marie aMontreal. Cap-aux-Diamants 62 (2000): 36-9 . DAIGLE, JEAN. Port-Royal et Jes premiers temps de l'Acadie. Cap-aux-Diamants 62 (2000): 18-22 FRENETTE, PIERRE...


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