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Note sur la théologie de l’histoire. Emmanuel Durand. Revue des Sciences Philosophiques et Théologiques, 98 (Apr.–June, 2014), 353–78.
The Goal of Liturgical Language: An Analysis of the English Vernacular Debates of the 1940s and 1950s. James G. Sabak, OFM. Worship, 89 (May, 2015), 238–57.
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Gerechtigkeit in christlicher Verantwortung. Neue Blicke in die Fürstenspiegel des Frühmittelalters. Monika Suchan. Francia, 41 (2014), 1–23. [End Page 716]
Contextualizing Constantine V’s radical religious policies: the debate about the intercession of the saints and the ‘sleep of the soul’ in the Chalcedonian and Nestorian churches. Dirk...


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