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Recent Publications Relating to Canada PREPARED IN THE EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT OF UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO PRESS INCORPORATED BY DEAN F. OLIVER This bibliography is intended to provide as complete coverage as possible of newly available material USE'!ful in the study of any aspect of Canadian history. In keeping with the diverse backgrounds and interests of our readers, both scholarly and well-researched popular sources are regularly listed. It should be noted that items of a purely contemporary or speculative nature and lacking appreciable historical content are normally excluded. Furthermore, accessibility considerations logically dictate that materials cited have appeared in published form, theses traditionally being the sole exception. Suggestions for possible inclusion in Recent Publications are welcomed and should be forwarded with the necessary technical information to the compiler at the Canadian Historical Review offices. See also Canadiana, a monthly list ofCanadian publications prepared by the National Library, Ottawa; International Perspectives;Journal ofthe Parliaments ofthe Commonwealth, issued quarterly by the General Council of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association; and in the University of Toronto Quarterly, 'Letters in Canada,' published in the November issue. Regionally oriented bibliographies are included in each issue of Acadiensis, BC Studies, and Revue d'histoire de l'Amerique franf:aise. MA and PHD theses listed were reported as recently completed in the Register ofPost-Graduate Dissertations in Progress in History and Related Subjects (cHA) for the current year. Users of this bibliography should bear in mind that all titles are listed only once. Because of subject overlap, alternative categories should be consulted. ABORIGINAL HISTORY ABEL, KERRY. Tangled, Lost and Bitter?: Current Directions in the Writing of Native History in Canada. Acadiensis 26 (1) (autumn 1996): 92-101 ALLEN, ROBERT s. His Majesty's Indian Allies: British Indian Policy in the Defence of Canada, 1775-1815. PHD thesis. University of Wales BARMAN, JEAN. Whatever Happened to the Kanakas? They're Alive and Well in British Columbia. The Beaver 77 (6) (Dec. 1997-Jan. 1998): 12-19 DAWSON, K.C.A Contributions and Personalities of the Archaeologists Who Breached the Continental Boreal Forest of Canada. Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society Papers and Records 25 (1997): 18-23 DENIS, CLAUDE. Aboriginal Rights in/and Canadian Society: A Syewen Case Study. International Journal of Canadian Studies/Revue internationale d'etudes canadiennes 14 (fal! 1996): 13-34 Recent Publications Relating to Canada 317 KERBIR!OU, ANNE-HELENE. L'iconographie des Amerindiens d'Amerique du Nord. PHD these. Universite Laval SCHNEIDERMAN, DAVID. Theorists of Difference and the Interpretation of Aboriginal and Treaty Rights. International Journal ofCanadian Studies/Revue internationale d'etudes canadiennes 14 (fall 1996): 35-52 sCHUURMAN, NADINE c. Reinscribing Colonialism: The Royal Commission on Indian Affairs in Nlha'pamux and Stl'atl'mix Territory, 1914- MA thesis. University of British Columbia SIGURDSON, RICHARD. First Peoples, New Peoples and Citizenship in Canada. International Journal ofCanadian Studies/Revue internationale d'etudes canadiennes 14 (fall 1996): 53-76 DISCOVERY AND EXPLORATION GARDNER, DAVID. Vikings at Play: The Unique Pleasures of Vinland. The Beaver 77 (4) (Aug.-Sept. 1997): 38-41 NEW FRANCE BERRARDELLI, CLAUDE. Les rapports entre le commerce des fourrures et !'agriculture clans une paroisse quebecoise. MA these. Universite du Quebec a Montreal GARNEAU, JEAN-PHILIPPE. Justice et reglement des conflits clans le gouvernement: une etude de Montreal ala fin du Regime fran~ais. MA these. Universite ~u Quebec a Montreal NADON, PIERRE. La seigneurie de Bellefeuille, 1730-1760. PHD these. Universite Laval THORP, DANIEL B. Equals of the King: The Balance of Power in Early Acadia. Acadiensis 25 (2) (spring 1996): 3-17 VARKEY, JOY. Local Political Initiatives in French Imperialism: The Case of Louisbourg, 1713-1758. PHD thesis. University of Ottawa BRITISH NORTH AMERICA BEFORE 1867 BALDWIN, BARRY. A Naturalist in Newfoundland. The Beaver 77 (3) (June-July 1997): 14-16 BOGGENDE, BERT DEN. 'Alone in the Province': The Cobourg Ladies' SeminaryBurlington Ladies' Academy, 1842-1851. Ontario History 89 (1) (March 1997): 53-74 CAHILL, BARRY. The Treason of the Merchants: Dissent and Repression in Halifax in the Era of the American Revolution. Acadiensis 26 (1) (autumn 1996): 52-70 CLERK, BRUNO. Le journal The True Witness and Catholic Chronicle et la pensee religieuse de George Edward Clerk (1850-1875). MA these...


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