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  • Waters
  • Miguel Avero (bio)
    Translated by Jona Colson (bio)

Water in the tar-dark morning

or at night where the cardboard boxesblock the sunrise.

Water nesting on rooftops.

Water in the plazawhere the starsforgot their black holes.

Constant water,occasional water.

Water in the reflectionthat discoversthe eye in the mirror.

Water in the ink of the versesthat will never be written.

Water overflowingthe cold glass and drownedwith an immeasurable drop.

Water in a troubled riverof our inner peace,where we will never walk,where no ashes remain.

Water settlingaround the last fire. [End Page 67]

Miguel Avero

Miguel Avero was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1984. He is the author of a poetry collection Arca de aserrín. His poems, translated by Jona Colson, have appeared in Palabras errantes and in Prairie Schooner and are forthcoming in América invertida: An Anthology of Younger Uruguayan Poets.

Jona Colson

Jona Colson’s poems have appeared in or are forthcoming from Suptropics, the Southern Review, and the Florida Review. He teaches at Montgomery College in Maryland.



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