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  • Four Women on a Ptown Beach
  • J. Dee Cochran (bio)

    Whatever is beneath a black bikini  Pokes the listless world with sudden affection

We are all women here, who suddenly say in unison,“There are not enough women here.”

And so, the sheet we pour our bodies acrossresembles perfectly the unfortunate bed linen

we each have at home—memories of whenwe made a home with another woman.

Now we are all singular in our laments,all single and staring out at the ocean.

Giving into the temptation of swimming,we notice unusual stains left behind, reddish orange;

as if the platonic intercourse set some of us to rusting.From behind stylish shades, we spy our horizon and

make idle remarks on how we should all get outbefore our fingers start to prune. [End Page 193]

J. Dee Cochran

j. dee cochran is an assistant editor at Identity Theory. Her work appears in Calyx, Confrontation, Conduit, Third Wednesday, Vermont Literary Review, Connecticut River Review, glassbook, Laurel Review, English Journal, and others.



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