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  • Recent Dissertations
Amihay, Ofra (Ph.D. 2014, New York University)
Migrating Images: The Imagetext Turn in the Hebrew Novel

Adviser: Yael Feldman

Avni, Alexander (Ph.D. 2014, Georgetown University)
Leo Strauss and the Jewish Question: Philosophy, Homelessness, and the Politics of Redemption

Adviser: Gerald M. Mara

Baker, Eric W. (Ph.D. 2014, Andrews University)
The Eschatological Role of the Jerusalem Temple: An Examination of Jewish Writings Dating from 586 b.c.e. to 70 c.e.

Adviser: Roy E. Gane

Bedzow, Ira (Ph.D. 2104, Emory University)
A Contemporary Jewish Virtue Ethics

Adviser: Timothy P. Jackson

Beresniova, Anna Christine (Ph.D. 2104, Indiana University)
“Again with the Jews?” Transnational Governmentality, Holocaust Discourse, and the Struggle for Tolerance Education in Post-Soviet Lithuania

Adviser: Bradley A. Levinson

Berndtson, Rachel Elise (Ph.D. 2014, University of Maryland)
Let My People Grow: The Diffusion of the Jewish Farming Movement through the Jewish Community of the Greater Baltimore Metropolitan Area

Adviser: Martha Geores

Bland, Jeannette Camille (Ph.D. 2014, Pacifica Graduate Institute)
Kabbalistic and Depth Psychological Motifs in Lecha Dodi: A Hermeneutical Analysis of a Jewish Poem [End Page e1]

Adviser: Patrick Mahaffey

Boesenberg, Dulcinea (Ph.D. 2014, University of Notre Dame)
Moses in Luke-Acts

Adviser: Mary Rose D’Angelo

Clark, Timothy Scott (Ph.D. 2014, Emory University)
Firstfruits and Tithe Offerings in the Construction and Narratives of the Hebrew Bible

Adviser: Brent A. Strawn

Cohen, Binyamin (Ph.D. 2014, University of California, San Diego)
The Formation of Ottoman Sephardic Communal Identity in the Levirate Marriage Discourse

Advisers: John A. Marino; David Goodblatt

Cook, Peter D. (Ph.D. 2014, Claremont Graduate University)
Hermeneutic Narratives: An Exploration of Master Teachers’ Values in Holocaust Education

Adviser: Carl Cohn

Crane, Jacob (Ph.D. 2014, Tufts University)
Hazardous Crossings: The Transatlantic Figure in American Print, 1784–1855

Adviser: Radiclani Clytus

Deblinger, Rachel Beth (Ph.D. 2014, University of California, Los Angeles)
“In a World Still Trembling”: American Jewish Philanthropy and the Shaping of Holocaust Survivor Narratives in Postwar America (1945–1953)

Adviser: David N. Myers

De Souza, Igor Holanda (Ph.D. 2014, University of Chicago)
Philosophical Commentaries on the Preface to the “Guide of the Perplexed,” c. 1250–1362

Adviser: James T. Robinson

Dor, Ron Gabriel (Ph.D. 2014, Northwestern University)
Yenta: The Jewish Mother of American Media

Adviser: Mimi White

Elhanan, Elazar (Ph.D. 2014, Columbia University)
The Path Leading to the Abyss: Hebrew and Yiddish in the Poetry of Yaakov Steinberg, 1903–1915 [End Page e2]

Adviser: Dan Miron

Elliott, Jessica Marin (Ph.D. 2014, University of California, Santa Barbara)
The Changing Status of Converted Jews in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century Northern France

Adviser: Sharon Farmer

Figueroa, Michael Andrew (Ph.D. 2014, University of Chicago)
Music and the Jerusalem Question: Song, Poetry, and Politics in Israel, 1967–Present

Adviser: Philip V. Bohlman

Fleisch, Eric J. (Ph.D. 2014, Brandeis University)
Structures and Dynamics of Power Sharing in a New Philanthropic Era

Adviser: S. Ilan Troen

Goldstein, Benjamin Gordon Mark (Ph.D. 2013, University of Oxford)
The Repetition of Originality: On the Question of Association between Late Antique “Gnostics” and the Medieval Kabbalah: An Argument for a Revised Methodology

Adviser: Mark Edwards

Grossberg, David Michael (Ph.D. 2014, Princeton University)
The Meaning and End of Heresy in Rabbinic Literature

Adviser: Peter Schäfer

Hecht, Menachem (Ph.D. 2014, New York University)
Jewish Prep: The Complicated Work of Modern Orthodox Jewish High Schools

Adviser: Terry Astuto

Hesse, Isabelle (Ph.D. 2013, University of York)
The Outsider Inside: Ideas of Jewishness in Contemporary Jewish, Postcolonial, and Palestinian Literature
Hui, Ken Yon (Ph.D. 2014, Yale University)
Beyond GWAS: Translating the Genetics of Crohn’s Disease in Ashkenazi Jews

Advisers: Hongyu Zhao; Judy Cho

Anderson, Ingrid Lisabeth (Ph.D. 2014, Boston University)
Making Ethics “First Philosophy”: Ethics and Suffering in the Work of Emmanuel Levinas, Elie Wiesel, and Richard Rubenstein [End Page e3]

Adviser: Steven T. Katz

Jones, Christopher M. (Ph.D. 2014, University of Wisconsin)
Retrofitting Jerusalem: Conceptions of Space, Identity, and Power in Ezra-Nehemiah

Adviser: Jeremy M. Hutton

Kent, Evan Stuart (D.M.A. 2014, Boston University)
So Much More Than Kumbaya: Music at Jewish Summer Camps and the Formation of Jewish Identity

Adviser: Lee Higgins

Kibbe, Michael H. (Ph.D. 2014, Wheaton College)
Godly Fear or Ungodly Failure? Hebrews 12:18–29 and the Sinai Theophanies

Adviser: Douglas J. Moo

Lai, Hung-Chuan (Ph.D. 2014, Union Presbyterian Seminary)
Conceiving “Seed,” Redefining Foreignness: Markers of Judean Identity in Ezra-Nehemiah and Trito-Isaiah

Adviser: Andreas Schuele

Lambert, Elizabeth Harrington (Ph.D. 2014, Indiana University)
The Gauforum, the Camp, and the City of Classics: Landscape and Memory in Postwar Weimar

Adviser: Mark Roseman

Lauer, Rena Nechama (Ph.D. 2014, Harvard University)
Venice’s Colonial Jews: Community, Identity, and Justice in Late Medieval Venetian Crete

Adviser: Daniel Lord Smail

Mahalel, Adi (Ph.D. 2014, Columbia University)
The Radical Years of I. L. Peretz

Advisers: Dan Miron; Jeremy Dauber

Maisels, James (Ph.D. 2014, University of Chicago)
The Self and Self-Transformation in the Thought and Practice of Rabbi Kalonymus Kalmish Shapira

Adviser: Michael Fishbane

Marlow, Jennifer Lynn (Ph.D. 2014, Michigan State University)
Polish Catholic Maids and Nannies: Female Aid and the Domestic Realm in Nazi-Occupied Poland [End Page e4]

Adviser: Karrin M. Hanshew

Mintz, Daniel Rochelson (Ph.D. 2013, University of Michigan)
Crafting the Jewish Writer: Jewish Writing, Professionalism, and the Short Story in Post-War America

Adviser: Anita Norich

Moore, Stewart Alden (Ph.D. 2014, Yale University)
With Walls of Iron: Judean Ethnic Identity in Hellenistic Egypt

Adviser: John J. Collins

Ophir, Riki (Ph.D. 2013, University of California, Berkeley)
Why Read Poems in Such Hard Times? Sociopolitical History and Aesthetic Commitment in Modern Hebrew, Yiddish, and German Poetry

Advisers: Chana Kronfeld; Robert Kaufman

Perry, Craig (Ph.D. 2014, Emory University)
The Daily Life of Slaves and the Global Reach of Slavery

Adviser: Marina Rustow

Quant, John F. (Ph.D. 2014, Emory University)
Rewriting Scripture Inside and Out: A Typology of Rewriting in Variant Editions and Rewritten Scripture

Adviser: Brent A. Strawn

Reed, Andrew C. (Ph.D. 2014, Arizona State University)
For One’s Brothers: Daniil Avraamovich Khvol’son and the “Jewish Question” in Russia, 1819–1911

Adviser: Stephen K. Batalden

Rotem, Zohar (Ph.D. 2014, New School)
Becoming Arabs and Jews: Bilingual Israeli Children and the Problems of Making Difference

Adviser: Lawrence A. Hirschfeld

Sateei, Shirine H. (Psy.D. 2014, Alliant International University)
Psychotherapy, Religion and Spirituality: An Introductory Guide for Mental Health Professionals Providing Psychotherapy to Orthodox Jews

Advisers: Erica Holmes; Baruch Amiri

Schneider, Lawrence E. (D.Litt. 2014, Drew University)
Fighting Jews: The Myth of Jewish Passivity in the Early Twentieth Century [End Page e5]

Adviser: William Rogers

Sela-Levavi, Shirli (Ph.D. 2014, Rutgers University)
Guests at Their Own Home: Homecoming, Memory and Authorship in “A Guest for the Night” by S. Y. Agnon and the Yash Novels by Jacob Glatstein

Advisers: Yael Zerubavel; Jeffrey Shandler

Stein, Elana (Ph.D. 2014, Columbia University)
Rabbinic Legal Loopholes: Formalism, Equity, and Subjectivity

Adviser: David Weiss Halivni

Stern, Nehemia (Ph.D. 2014, Emory University)
First Flowering of Redemption: An Ethnographic Account of Contemporary Religious Zionism in Israel

Adviser: Don Seeman

Weiner, Lisa A. (Ph.D. 2014, Pacifica Graduate Institute)
Creative Diaries of the Holocaust: A Phenomenological Exploration of the Engagement with Creativity during a Time of Trauma [End Page e6]

Adviser: Robert Romanyshyn

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