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  • Index to Volume 108

The Index exhibits separately: (I) Contributors; (II) Contents, arranged with reference to the main types of material appearing in the journal. Certain conventions, e.g., that of indicating reviewers by enclosing their names in parentheses immediately after the designation of books reviewed, will be familiar from earlier volumes. Reviews are regularly listed by name of modern author, editor, translator, etc.; (III) Advertisers.


E. Adler, 67; R. Andújar, 137, 443.

K. Bentein, 461; K. R. Bradley, 451.

M. B. Charles, 281.

D. B. DeSmidt, 437; C. de Stefani, 308; M. O. Drinkwater, 385; A. R. Dyck, 140, 310, 447.

L. Edmunds, 303.

D. Fields, 135; C. Fleiner, 146; B. W. Fortson IV, 434.

R. Germany, 221; I. S. Gilhus, 583; C. Gillespie, 403.

S. Harvey, 117; E. Hemelrijk, 143.

S. James, 205; N. F. Jones, 144.

M. Kanellou, 134; D. L. Kellogg, 433; L. Kelting, 584; J. Konstan, 574; D. Kousoulini, 325; L. Kurke, 183.

D. Labriola, 343; R. Lamberton, 304; D. Lehoux, 431; M. Lowrie, 255.

E. Macaulay-Lewis, 439; M. Malamud, 525; E. Manolaraki, 570; R. Martín Hernández, 445; K. Mattison, 485; C. C. Mattusch, 449; R. McKirahan, 311; P. Meineck, 307; P. A. Miller, 269; S. Montiglio, 569; E. Moodie, 27; J. Moser, 537; B. Mulligan, 221.

N. Nicholson, 157, 165.

R. J. Penella, 306, 442; W. D. Penrose, Jr., 499; G. Pezzini, 129; E. Pitotto, 3; B. B. Powell, 446; P. Properzio, 571; D. J. Pullen, 580.

D. H. Roberts, 221; M. V. Ronnick, 138; M. Roller, 195; P. Rosenmeyer, 312; S. H. Rutledge, 573.

B. Sammons, 440; M. M. Sassi, 301; R. Scodel, 141; F. Schreiber, 300; M. Sham, 576; N. W. Slater, 145; R. S. Smith, 577; D. Spatharas, 132; C. Star, 586.

G. Ucciardello, 130; J. Uden, 581.

C. van den Berg, 243; P. W. van der Horst, 299, M. L. von Glinski, 316.

S. Walker, 97; L. Whitlatch, 45; J. P. Wilson, 314.

S. Yona, 359.

J. E. G. Zetzel, 579.


E. Adler: The “AJP Today” Controversy Revisited: 67.

K. Bentein: The Greek Documentary Papyri as a Linguistically Heterogeneous Corpus: The Case of the “Katochoi of the Sarapeion” Archive: 461.

M. B. Charles: Remembering and Restoring the Republic: Star Wars and Rome: 281.

M. O. Drinkwater: Irreconcilable Differences: Pastoral, Elegy, and Epic in Ovid’s Heroides 5: 385.

R. Germany, B. Mulligan, and D. Roberts: Infusing Theory into the Undergraduate Classics Curriculum: Examples from Haverford College’s “Senior [End Page 595] Seminar,” “Translation and Transformation,” and “History of Literary Theory”: 221.

C. Gillespie: The Wolf and the Hare: Boudica’s Political Bodies in Tacitus and Dio: 403.

S. Harvey: The “Flipped” Latin Classroom: A Case Study: 117.

S. James: Twenty Years of “Ovid and Literary Theory”: 205.

V. Kousoulini: The ‘Hymn to Athena’ (SEG 11.625) and Alcman’s Early Reception: 325.

L. Kurke: A Dedicated Theory Class for Graduate Students: 183.

D. Labriola: On Socrates and the Κορυφαι̑ος of Plato’s Theaetetus: An Alternative to Sandra Peterson’s Reading: 343.

D. Lehoux: Enclitic Accents, Further Simplified: 431.

M. Lowrie: Poetics and Theory: A Graduate Certificate Program at New York University: 255.

M. Malamud: An African in a Toga: Joseph Cinqué and the Roman Rhetoric of the American Revolution: 525.

K. Mattison: Rhesus and the Evolution of Tragedy: 485.

P. A. Miller: Classics: That Dangerous Supplement?: 269.

E. Moodie: Umbricius’ Farewell Tour: 27.

J. Moser: Truth, Lies, and Freshman Composition: Using Herodotus to Teach Academic Writing: 537.

N. Nicholson: Introduction: Literary Theory and Graduate and Undergraduate Classics Curricula: 157.

N. Nicholson: Literary Theory Survey Classes for Classics Undergraduates: 165.

W. D. Penrose: The Discourse of Disability in Ancient Greece: 499.

E. Pitotto: Olympia and Syracuse, the Polis and Panhellas in the Epinicians for Hieron: 3.

M. Roller: Teaching “Theory” in Topical Graduate Seminars: 195.

C. van den Berg: Theory and Water: A Co-Taught Undergraduate Course (“Political Rhetoric”): 243.

S. Walker: “Now I Know Love”: Hallie Flanagan and Euripides’ Hippolytus: 97.

L. Whitlatch: Empiricist Dogs and the Superiority of Philosophy in Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura: 45.

S. Yona: What About Hermes? A Reconsideration of the Myth of Prometheus in...


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