In 2012, Harmonie Park Press released a catalog of the Ricasoli Collection of Tuscan manuscripts and prints residing at the University of Louisville. After the purchase of the collection in 1987, the money left over was put toward purchasing manuscripts and editions that would complement the Ricasoli Collection. These pieces were referred to as the addenda to the Ricasoli Collection, and eventually amounted to several hundred works, a substantial catalog of works in its own right. These works were purchased according to a priority schema that included three categories, ranked in order of importance: (1) Tuscan works from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, (2) Italian music of the same period, and (3) works that originated outside Italy, a category that could include works owned by Tuscan collectors of the period, or similar to ones that were. These addenda were originally intended to be included as an appendix to the published Ricasoli catalog, but it was decided to leave them out since they were not directly tied to the Ricasoli Collection. This, then, is the catalog of the addenda, and since it was intended to be a part of the Ricasoli catalog published by Harmonie Park Press, the format follows that catalog closely. Pieces are listed alphabetically by composer, with the “Add.” numbers corresponding roughly to the order of acquisition by the Anderson Music Library.


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