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Abbreviations of Chaucer’s Works ABC An ABC Adam Adam Scriveyn Anel Anelida and Arcite Astr A Treatise on the Astrolabe Bal Compl A Balade of Complaint BD The Book of the Duchess Bo Boece Buk The Envoy to Bukton CkT, CkP, Rv–CkL The Cook’s Tale, The Cook’s Prologue, Reeve–Cook Link ClT, ClP, Cl–MerL The Clerk’s Tale, The Clerk’s Prologue, Clerk–Merchant Link Compl d’Am Complaynt d’Amours CT The Canterbury Tales CYT, CYP The Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale, The Canon’s Yeoman’s Prologue Equat The Equatorie of the Planetis For Fortune Form Age The Former Age FranT, FranP The Franklin’s Tale, The Franklin’s Prologue FrT, FrP, Fr–SumL The Friar’s Tale, The Friar’s Prologue, Friar–Summoner Link Gent Gentilesse GP The General Prologue HF The House of Fame KnT, Kn–MilL The Knight’s Tale, Knight–Miller Link Lady A Complaint to His Lady LGW, LGWP The Legend of Good Women, The Legend of Good Women Prologue ManT, ManP The Manciple’s Tale, The Manciple’s Prologue Mars The Complaint of Mars Mel, Mel–MkL The Tale of Melibee, Melibee–Monk Link MercB Merciles Beaute MerT, MerE–SqH The Merchant’s Tale, Merchant Endlink–Squire Headlink PAGE 569 569 ................. 16596$ CH17 11-01-10 14:08:43 PS STUDIES IN THE AGE OF CHAUCER MilT, MilP, Mil–RvL The Miller’s Tale, The Miller’s Prologue, Miller–Reeve Link MkT, MkP, Mk–NPL The Monk’s Tale, The Monk’s Prologue, Monk–Nun’s Priest Link MLT, MLH, MLP, MLE The Man of Law’s Tale, Man of Law Headlink, The Man of Law’s Prologue, Man of Law Endlink NPT, NPP, NPE The Nun’s Priest’s Tale, The Nun’s Priest’s Prologue, Nun’s Priest’s Endlink PardT, PardP The Pardoner’s Tale, The Pardoner’s Prologue ParsT, ParsP The Parson’s Tale, The Parson’s Prologue PF The Parliament of Fowls PhyT, Phy–PardL The Physician’s Tale, Physician–Pardoner Link Pity The Complaint unto Pity Prov Proverbs PrT, PrP, Pr–ThL The Prioress’s Tale, The Prioress’s Prologue, Prioress–Thopas Link Purse The Complaint of Chaucer to His Purse Ret Chaucer’s Retraction [Retractation] Rom The Romaunt of the Rose Ros To Rosemounde RvT, RvP The Reeve’s Tale, The Reeve’s Prologue Scog The Envoy to Scogan ShT, Sh–PrL The Shipman’s Tale, Shipman–Prioress Link SNT, SNP, SN–CYL The Second Nun’s Tale, The Second Nun’s Prologue, Second Nun–Canon’s Yeoman Link SqT, SqH, Sq–FranL The Squire’s Tale, Squire Headlink, Squire–Franklin Link Sted Lak of Stedfastnesse SumT, SumP The Summoner’s Tale, The Summoner’s Prologue TC Troilus and Criseyde Th, Th–MelL The Tale of Sir Thopas, Sir Thopas–Melibee Link Truth Truth Ven The Complaint of Venus PAGE 570 570 ................. 16596$ CH17 11-01-10 14:08:44 PS ABBREVIATIONS OF CHAUCER’S WORKS WBT, WBP, WB–FrL The Wife of Bath’s Tale, The Wife of Bath’s Prologue, Wife of Bath–Friar Link Wom Nob Womanly Noblesse Wom Unc Against Women Unconstant PAGE 571 571 ................. 16596$ CH17 11-01-10 14:08:44 PS PAGE 572 ................. 16596$ CH17 11-01-10 14:08:44 PS ...


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