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Classifications Bibliographies, Reports, and Reference 1–5 Recordings and Films Chaucer’s Life 6 Facsimiles, Editions, and Translations 7–33 Manuscripts and Textual Studies 34–45 Sources, Analogues, and Literary Relations 46–52 Chaucer’s Influence and Later Allusion 53–70 Style and Versification 71–74 Language and Word Studies 75–84 Background and General Criticism 85–154 The Canterbury Tales—General 155–68 CT—The General Prologue 169–72 CT—The Knight and His Tale 173–80 CT—The Miller and His Tale 181–86 CT—The Reeve and His Tale 187 CT—The Cook and His Tale 188 CT—The Man of Law and His Tale 189–94 CT—The Wife of Bath and Her Tale 195–211 CT—The Friar and His Tale 212 CT—The Summoner and His Tale CT—The Clerk and His Tale 213–21 CT—The Merchant and His Tale 222–24 CT—The Squire and His Tale 225 CT—The Franklin and His Tale 226–29 CT—The Physician and His Tale 230 CT—The Pardoner and His Tale 231–33 CT—The Shipman and His Tale 234–35 CT—The Prioress and Her Tale 236–41 CT—The Tale of Sir Thopas 242–45 CT—The Tale of Melibee 246–51 CT—The Monk and His Tale 252–57 CT—The Nun’s Priest and His Tale 258–62 CT—The Second Nun and Her Tale 263–64 PAGE 567 567 ................. 16596$ CH16 11-01-10 14:08:37 PS STUDIES IN THE AGE OF CHAUCER CT—The Canon’s Yeoman and His Tale CT—The Manciple and His Tale 265–66 CT—The Parson and His Tale 267–68 CT—Chaucer’s Retraction Anelida and Arcite A Treatise on the Astrolabe Boece 269–72 The Book of the Duchess 273–83 The Equatorie of the Planetis 284 The House of Fame 285–90 The Legend of Good Women 291–93 The Parliament of Fowls 294–97 The Romaunt of the Rose Troilus and Criseyde 298–317 Lyrics and Short Poems 318 An ABC 319 Adam Scriveyn 320 The Complaint of Chaucer to His Purse 321–22 The Complaint of Mars 323 The Former Age 324 Fortune 325 Gentilesse 326 Chaucerian Apocrypha 327–33 Book Reviews 334–418 PAGE 568 568 ................. 16596$ CH16 11-01-10 14:08:37 PS ...


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