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  • IndexVolume 37, 2014


Abou Rahme, Ruanne, with Morgan Cooper. “Incidental Insurgents: An Interview with Ruanne Abou Rahme.” 37.2 (Spring): 507–515.

Alareer, Refaat R. “Gaza Writes Back: Narrating Palestine.” 37.2 (Spring): 524–37.

Aljamal, Yousef M. “Traveling as a Palestinian.” 37.2 (Spring): 664–80.

Atshan, Sa‘ed, and Darnell L. Moore. “Reciprocal Solidarity: Where the Black and Palestinian Queer Struggles Meet.” 37.2 (Spring): 680–705,

Barghouti, Omar, and Falastine Dwikat, with Cynthia G. Franklin, Morgan Cooper, and Ibrahim Aoudé. “The ‘I’ in BDS: Individual Creativity and Responsibility in the Context of Collective Praxis: An Interview.” 37.2 (Spring): 709–719.

Bhan, Mona. “Morality and Martyrdom: Dams, Dharma, and the Cultural Politics of Work in Indian-Occupied Kashmir.” 37.1 (Winter): 191–224.

Bladek, Marta. “‘A Place None of Us Know Until We Reach It’: Mapping Grief and Memory in Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking.” 37.4 (Fall): 935–62.

Bose, Purnima, and Laura E. Lyons. “Life Writing and Corporate Personhood.” 37.1 (Winter): v–xxii.

Brennan, Timothy. “The Free Impersonality of Bourgeois Spirit.” 37.1 (Winter): 1–35.

Cherniavsky, Eva. “‘Refugees from this Native Dreamland’: Life Narratives of Occupy Wall Street.” 37.1 (Winter): 279–99.

Franklin, Cynthia G., Morgan Cooper, and Ibrahim Aoudé. “Life in Occupied Palestine: Three Cafés and a Special Issue.” 37.2 (Spring): vii–xlviii.

Franklin, Cynthia G., and S. Shankar. “Against Stenography for the Powerful: An Interview with P. Sainath.” 37.1 (Winter): 300–319.

Ghanim, Honaida. “Once Upon a Border: The Daily Life of Resistance—the Case of the Palestinian Village of al-Marja, 1949–1967.” 37.2 (Spring): 476–504.

Hardack, Richard. “New and Improved: The Zero-Sum Game of Corporate Personhood.” 37.1 (Winter): 36–68.

Harlow, Barbara. “My Name is Caterpillar: Corrie et al. v. Caterpillar, Inc.” 37.1 (Winter): 225–45.

Hesham AlSharif, Lina. “Locked Out.” 37.2 (Spring): 474–75.

———. “Write What You Know.” 37.2 (Spring): 538–39.

Holden, Philip. “Literary Biography as a Critical Form.” 37.4 (Fall): 917–34.

Itagaki, Lynn Mie. “The Autobiographical IOU: Elizabeth Warren’s Debtor-Citizen and the Reliably Liable Life Narrative.” 37.1 (Winter): 93–123.

Kennedy, Michael D. “Rewriting the Death and Afterlife of a Corporation: Bethlehem Steel.” 37.1 (Winter): 46–78.

McGlothlin, John III. “In Good Company: Corporate Personhood, Labor, and the Management of Affect in Undercover Boss.” 37.1 (Winter): 124–44. [End Page 1170]

Najjar, Rima. “Life in Abu Dis Continues Quietly.” 37.2 (Spring): 606–663.

Naruse, Cheryl Narumi. “Overseas Singaporeans, Coming-of-Career Narratives, and the Corporate Nation.” 37.1 (Winter): 145–67.

Nimr, Sonia. “Dreaming of Never Land.” 37.2 (Spring): 540–55.

Omar, Sa‘ed. “‘Food is not our issue’: Reflections on Hunger Striking.” 37.2 (Spring): 556–59.

Rodrigues, Elizabeth. “Antjie Krog and the Autobiography of Postcolonial Becoming.” 37.3 (Summer): 725–44.

Saleh Hamayel, Yassmine, and Islah Jad. “From the West Bank: Letters and Acts of Resistance.” 37.2 (Spring): 563–605.

Shalhoub-Kevorkian, Nadera, and Sarah Ihmoud. “Exiled at Home: Writing Return and the Palestinian Home.” 37.2 (Spring): 377–97.

Shehadeh, Raja, with Cynthia G. Franklin. “Towards a New Language of Liberation: An Interview.” 37.2 (Spring): 516–23.

Shihade, Magid. “Not Just a Picnic: Settler Colonialism, Mobility, and Identity among Palestinians in Israel.” 37.2 (Spring): 451–73.

Shohat, Ella. “Remembering a Baghdad Elsewhere: An Emotional Cartography.” 37.3 (Summer): 784–90.

Smith, Matthew Ryan. “Relational Manuevers in Autobiographical Video Art.” 37.4 (Fall): 953–73.

Stumm, Bettina. “Witnessing Others in Narrative Collaboration: Ethical Responsibility beyond Recognition.” 37.3 (Summer): 762–83.

Talpalaru, Margrit. “Blake Mycoskie, TOMS, and Life Narratives of Conspicuous Giving.” 37.1 (Winter): 168–90.

Valenzuela, Maria Theresa. “Constructing National Heroes: Postcolonial Philippine and Cuban Biographies of José Rizal and José Martí.” 37.3 (Summer): 745–61.

Vynckier, Henk, and Chihyun Chang. “Imperium in Imperio: Robert Hart, the Chinese Maritime Customs Service, and Its (Self) Representations.” 37.1 (Winter): 69–92.

Winder, Alex. “After the Nakba in Nuba: A Palestinian Villager’s Diary, 1949.” 37.2 (Spring): 398–450.


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