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  • Retraction Notice
Marrouchi, Mustapha. 2010. “Introduction: Embargoed Literature: Arabic.” College Literature 37.1: 1–10.
Marrouchi, Mustapha. 2010. “A Passion for Excess or Just ‘Another Way of Telling.’” College Literature 37.2: 48–77.
Marrouchi, Mustapha. 2011. “Cry No More For Me, Palestine—Mahmoud Darwish.” College Literature 38.4: 1–43.

The three articles listed above have been retracted by the Editor. This retraction follows an investigation into research misconduct undertaken by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, which determined that plagiarism was conducted in each of these articles. A subsequent review by the journal confirmed that these three articles do not meet the editorial policies and ethical standards of College Literature, which require that authors submit original work and provide full citation to indicate their indebtedness to other sources. [End Page 536]



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