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Anglo-Saxon England, 43 (2014)

Includes: E. Steinova, ‘Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 6298: a New Witness of the Biblical Commentaries from the Canterbury School’; H. Gittos, ‘The Audience for Old English Texts: Ælfric, Rhetoric and “the edification of the simple”’; D. Pratt, ‘Kings and Books in Anglo-Saxon England’.

Book Collector, 63, 4 (Winter 2014)

Includes: A. M. Ridler, ‘William Henry Ridler: Mapper of the ‘Minor Roads’ of Modern Press Printing’; N. D. Nace, ‘Some New Light on Sodom’; S. Markham, ‘Toshiyuki Takamiya’; K. Limper-Herz, ‘A Danish (?) Binding, 1838’; M. Treloar, ‘The Cloud of All-Knowing: If the Day of the Scholar-Librarian is Gone, How Can the Rare Book Trade Help?’ J. Saumarez Smith, ‘David Bacon, Proprietor’.

Burlington Magazine, 156, 1341 (December 2014)

Includes: K.G. Pfändtner, ‘The Linck Hours: A Forgotten Paris Book of Hours by the Workshop of the Bedford Master’.

Comparative Studies in Society and History, 56, 4 (October 2014)

Includes: R. D. Salvatore, ‘Progress and Backwardness in Book Accumulation: Bancroft, Basadre, and Their Libraries’.

Early Medieval Europe, 23, 1 (February 2015)

Includes: M. A. Claussen, ‘Reims, Bibliothèque Carnegie, 806: a Little-known Manuscript of Benedict of Aniane’s Concordia regularum’.

East Asian Publishing and Society, 4, 2 (2014)

Incudes: S. Kawana, ‘Write on Demand: Editors, Authors, and the Labor of Literary Publishing in Prewar Japan’; M. Bingenheimer, ‘Collation Strategies for the Buddhist Canon—As Seen in the Frequency and Impact of Character Variance in Canonical Editions of the Song Gaoseng Zhuan 宋高僧傳 (T.2061)’; Jian Yang, ‘Ancient Chinese Musical Notation Discovered in the Old Library of St John’s College, Cambridge’.

Electronic British Library Journal (2014) []

Includes: C. Beckett, ‘Near Vermilion Sands: The Context and Date of Composition of an Abandoned Literary Draft by J. G. Ballard’; C. Duffy, ‘The Discovery of a Watermark on the St Cuthbert Gospel Using Colour Space Analysis’; M. R. Geldof, ‘Forewarned and Forearmed: Contents of BL, Cotton MS. Titus A. XXV, ff. 94–105’; O. de Laborderie, ‘The First Manuals of English History: Two Late Thirteenth-Century Genealogical Rolls of the Kings of England in the Royal Collection’; D. Kim, ‘Matthew Paris, Visual Exegesis, and Apocalyptic Birds in Royal MS. 14 C. VII’; E. K. Donovan, ‘A Royal Crusade History: The Livre d’Eracles and Edward IV’s Exile in Burgundy’; J. Frońska, ‘The Royal Image and Diplomacy: Henry VII’s Book of Astrology (British Library, Arundel MS. 66)’; M. Pérez-Simon, ‘Royal MS. 20 B. XX: Alexander the Great and the Voice of the Master. Interpretation and Astrology in a Medieval Manuscript’; I. Dines, ‘The Bestiary in British Library, Royal MS. 2 C. XII [End Page 214] and its Role in Medieval Education’; A. D. Hedeman, ‘Constructing Saint Louis in John the Good’s Grandes Chroniques de France (Royal MS. 16 G. VI)’; M. Grba, ‘A History of the British Library Slavonic and East European Collections: 1952–2004’; C. Scobie, ‘A Donizetti Manuscript in the Zweig Collection’; J. Boneham, ‘The Dawson Turner Collection of Printed Ephemera and Great Yarmouth’; N. Newbigin, ‘Feo Belcari’s Rappresentazione di Abramo Offset in Phalaris’s Epistolae: Adventures of a Florentine Incunabulum’; T. Major, ‘Frechulf of Lisieux’s Historiarum libri XII, I.ii.17 in Royal MS. 13 A. xxii’; P. J. M. Marks, ‘John Jaffray: Victorian Bookbinder, Chartist and Trade Unionist’; J. E. Hill, ‘In a Bind: Pratt’s Qui Tams and the Bookbinders’ Dilemma’.

Historical Research, 88, 239 (February 2015)

Includes: C. Panofre, ‘Radical Geneva? The Publication of Knox’s First Blast of the Trumpet and Goodman’s How Superior Powers Oght to be Obeyd in Context’.

Imago Mundi, 67 1, (2015)

Includes: C. Van Duzer, ‘Ptolemy from Manuscript to Print: New York Public Library’s Codex Ebnerianus (MS MA 97)’; I. Alexander, ‘The Legal Journey of Paterson’s Roads’. [A 1771 publishing litigation]

Journal of Abbasid Studies, 1, 2 (2014)

Includes: D. J. Stewart, ‘Editing the Fihrist of Ibn al-Nadīm’.

Journal of the Early Book Society, 17 (2014)

Includes: K. Kerby-Fulton, ‘The Clerical Proletariat: the Underemployed Scribe and Vocational Crisis’; J. B. Friedman, ‘Werewolf Transformation in the Manuscript Era’; J. Carley and A. Hutchison, ‘William Peto, O...


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