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Cocks Crow, Dogs Bark New CompositionalIntentions curated by Larry Polansky Leonard0 MusicJournal CD SeriesVolume 7 1. WARREN BURT MY MONODIES 1 1 7:16 2. LAURIE SPIEGEL THE UNQU3STIONEDA N S W R 7:11 3. DANIEL GOODE JUICY CANTATA, PART 1:“MARKFUHRMAN” 1:19 4. GORDON MONRO THE VOICEOF THEPHOENIX (1) 505 5. CHRISTIAN WOLFF FOR MAGNETIC TAPEI 5:26 6. CHRISTIANWOLFF EXERCISE 10 3:33 7. TOMJOHNSON RATIONAL MELODIES I, II, xI/?I 4:21 8. CHARLESAMES ARTPACTS 1152 9. MARYSIMONI EULOGY 2:41 10. NICK DIDKOVSKY METAMUSIC/METATEXT 10:09 11.JAMES TENNEY SEPTETFORELECTRTC GUITARS AND ELECTRTC BASS 6:34 12. DAVID FELDMAN “. . .STILL PLENTY OF GOODMUSIC. ..” 8:30 Cocks Crow, Dogs Bark: New CompositionalIntentions Leonard0 MusicJournal CD Series Volume 7 1. MY MONODIESLI Warren Burt Composed in 1996. Larry Polansky, electric guitar. Recorded by Tom Erbe at Faulkner Recital Hall, Dartmouth College,June, 1997. Neck-through electric guitar by Steve Marchione. 2. THE UNQUESTIONEDANSwjER Laurie Spiegel Composed in 1974;arranged for piano in 1976. Jyoti Hawley, piano. Recorded live at Roulette, New York City, 18November 1981. 3. JUlCY CANTATA,PART 1:“MARKFUHRMAN” Daniel Goode 4. THE VOICEOF THEPHOENIX (1) Gordon Monro Composed and recorded in 1996. 5. FOR MAGNETIC TAPEI Christian Wolff Composed and recorded in 1952. Digitallyremastered by Tom Erbe. 6. EXERCISE 10 Christian Wolff Composed between October 1973and March 1974. Don Glasgo,valve trombone; Malcolm Goldstein, violin; Larry Polansky, electric guitar; Frederic Rzewski, piano; Robyn Schulkowsky,percussion; Christian Wolff, piano. Recorded live at Rollins Chapel, Dartmouth College, 9January 1996. 7. RATIONALMELODIESI, 11, Xl?U TomJohnson Composed in 1981. Daniel Goode, clarinet. Recorded by Tom Erbe at Faulkner Recital Hall, Dartmouth College,June 1997. 8. ARTIFACTS Charles Ames Composed in 1984. Doug Hensley, electric guitar. Recorded by Tom Erbe at Faulkner Recital Hall, Dartmouth College,June, 1997. 9. EULOGY Mary Simoni Composed and recorded in 1996. 10. IMETAMUSIC/METATEXT Nick Didkovsky Anne Brudevold, violin and voice; Nick Didkovsky, electric guitar and voice; Daniel Goode, clarinet and voice; Bill Hellerman, guitar and voice; Metamusic/Metatext software,piano and voices; Peter Zummo, trombone and voices. Recorded at Punos Music Studio. Assembled and mixed by Tom Dimuzio and Nick Didkvoskyat Gench Studios, 9 May 1993. Metamusic/Metatext was commissioned by the Downtown Ensemble. 0 1997Didkovsky/Punos Music (BMI). 11. SEPTET FOR ELECTMC G U I l " A N D ELECTRICBASS James Tenney Composed in 1981. Larry Polansky, guitar I; Paul Binkley, guitars 11,l V ,and VI; Doug Hensley, guitar I11and VI; Conor Dowling, electric bass. Recorded at the Mills College Center for Contemporary Music in 1985by Larry Polansky and Conor Dowling. All performers play the same make of guitar by Roger Sadowsky. 0 1996by Sonic Arts Editions (BMI).Used by permission of Smith Publications, 2617 Gwynndale Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21207, U.S.A. 12. "...STILLPLENTY OF GOOD MUSIC. .." David Feldman Composed in 1995. Larry Polansky,electric guitar. Recorded by Tom Erbe at Faulkner Recital Hall, Dartmouth College,June, 1997. Guitar by Roger Sadowsky. Acknowledgments Thanks to Dartmouth College and its Bregman Electronic Music Studio for significant help in the production and recording of this CD. Production Credits Curated by Larry Polansky Project coordinated by Grace Sullivan Engineered by Tom Erbe, 25908Tournament Drive, #276, Valencia, CA 91355,USA. ...


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