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CD COMPANION GLOSSARY ASK! Surakarta (Akademi Seni Karawitan Indonesia}--a college-level music conservatory in Surakarta, CentralJava. When the curriculum and degree programs were expanded , the school was upgraded and renamed STSI Surakarta. balungan-the 'skeletal' melody or melodic framework of a piece, sometimes referring to the instruments that play this part. barang miring-a technique of modal deviation from slendroused by any non-fixed pitch instrument, often implying pelog. bonang-two-octave set of small-pot gongs or metal plates with raised knobs, usually played with two mallets (also called bonang barung). didjeridoo-an Australian aboriginal wind instrument. erhu-Chinese bowed fiddle. gambang-s-multi-octave xylophone, usually played with two mallets. gender-tube-resonated metallophone, usually played with two mallets. gendhing---can either refer to a specific form of a piece or can simply mean 'piece'. irama-temporal relationships or density levels in Javanese music. karawitan---classical music of CentralJava and its performance practice. kebyar-a dynamic modem style of Balinese gamelan music. panerusan-elaborating instruments, which allow for the playing of more complex and virtuosic patterns than the balungan instruments. pathet-pathet roughly translates as 'mode', but in practice it is a much more complex term that refers to subsets of the two main laras(pelogand slendro) and also to many aspects of musical interpretation and formal organization. pelog-s-one of the two main laras(tunings ) , or pitch sets. Peloghas seven primary pitches. pelog barang-s-one of the three main pelog pathet,characterized by the use ofpelog pitch 7 (p7). Generally, there are two pelog genderin a full Javanese gamelan, one of which is pelogbarang. pesindben-female vocalist. rebab---two-stringed bowed spike fiddlethe melodic leader in aJavanese gamelan. saron barung-trough-resonated metallophone , usually played with a single mallet (sometimes referred to as saron). saron panerus-trough-resonated metallophone , an octave higher than saronbarung and usually played with a single mallet. slendro-s-one of the two main laras(tunings ) , or pitch sets. Slendro has five primary pitches. slenthem-Iow-pitched tube-resonated metallophone, usually played with a single mallet. STSI (Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia) Surakarta-a national performing-arts college with a broad curriculum. Formerly named ASK! Surakarta. suIing-bamboo flute. tumbuk-a common tone at the same degree of both slendro and pelogof a particular gamelan, often at pitch 6 or 5; 2 also is used. no LEONARDO MUSICJOURNAL, Vol. 2, No.1, p. 110, 1992 19921SAST Pergamon Press Ltd.Printed inGreat Britain. 0961-1215/92 $5.00+0.00 ...


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