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480 the jurist LICENTIATE THESES The following theses were submitted during 2011 by candidates for the degree Licentiate in Canon Law. Those theses, which are not published , are on deposit in the John K. Mullen of Denver Memorial Library, the Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. 20064. With permission of the Provost of the University, photocopies may be obtained through the Canon Law Library at that address. Beach, Robert Paul The Sunday Mass Obligation Berghout, Paul Communicatio in sacris: a Comparative Legal Analysis of the Universal Norms Governing Sacramental Sharing with Christians of Western Ecclesial Communities in “Cases of Grave Necessity” in Relationship to Selected Sacramental Sharing Policies from Episcopal Conferences and Dioceses Camilleri, Ivan Philip Correct Doctrine and Integrity of Life: Canon 803 §2 and Formation of Catholic School Teachers within the Archdiocese of Toronto, Canada Cavanaugh, Timothy Conditional Marital Consent in the Natural Law Celuch, Martin Adult Faith Formation–The Role of a Pastor to Provide Proper Catechesis in a Parish with Limited Resources Crerand, John Issues Related to the Local Ordinary’s Scope of Authority in the Proximate Preparation for Marriage David, Jamin Scott Something Old or Something New? The Diocesan Administrator’s Authority: An Examination of Selected Functions in Canons 278 and 1018 Dhein, William Restoration of the Permanent Diaconate: With a Particular Look at Remuneration Esposito-Garcia, Juan The Right and Duty of Parents to Educate their Children in the Faith Forbes, Kendrick Episcopal Conferences Between Diocesan Bishop and Apostolic See: Tensions, Challenges and Possibilities Hinken, Michael Exclusion of the Sacramental Dignity of Marriage in Canon 1101.2 Holly, Ryan The Ad Limina Visit of the Diocesan Bishop: Expression of Communion Between the Particular Church and the Apostolic See (Canons 399–400) Hoyles, Monte The Content and Development of the Prenuptial Investigation from the 1917 Code to the Ius Vigens: Toward a Contemporary Approach to the Juridical Preparation of Parties for Marriage Joseph, Saju Selected Ecclesiastical Offices and Functions that the Laity Can Assume in the Diocesan Tribunal of First Instance: Canonical Qualifications and Requirements Juan, Vincent Canonical and Civil Corporate Restructuring in the Diocese of Sacramento, California McNeil, Timothy The Essential Elements of a Diocesan Public Association of the Faithful: A Study of the Association of the Hermit Intercessors of the Lamb Mulheron, Susan Publication of the Definitive Sentence in a Marriage Case: A Canonical Analysis of Canons 1614–1615 and Tribunal Practice in the United States Opalda, Jose Canonical Analysis of the First Diocesan Synod of San Carlos in the Light of the 1983 Code of Canon Law and of the 1997 Instructio de Synodis Dioecesanis Agendis Perez, Francisco The Participation of the Laity in the Teaching Office of the Diocese of Amarillo dissertations and theses 481 482 the jurist Podhajsky, Michael One Parish, Multiple Churches:APastoral -Canonical Possibility for the Merger of Parishes Quitalig, Angel The Obligation of the Laity toAcquire Appropriate Formation for Ministry and the Clerics’ Corresponding Responsibilities Reynoso-Compirano, A Step Further in Protecting Our ChilEdgar Ernesto dren and Sanctifying Our Church Skaria, Sunnychan The Defender of the Bond: A Legal Analysis of the Development in the Juridical Procedure of the Church Rivett, Susan Canon 1101.2 Simulated Consent: The Exclusion of the Indissolubility of Marriage Usandivaras, Silvana Dissolution of a Valid Marriage in Favor of the Faith: The Petrine Privilege Vuky, Michael The Parish Corporation in Oregon Zielonka, Dariusz The Notion of the Papal Legates. From the 1917 Code of Canon Law to the 1983 Code of Canon Law ...


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