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This book is an excellent ready reference for a clear understanding of the marriage procedures regarding nullity. It would be very helpful for practitioners in this area of canon law, as well as for professors of canon law teaching in seminaries and requiring a brief but complete guide in dealing with matters of tribunal practice. Rogelio Ayala Partida Diocesan Tribunal Diocese of Tepic, Nayarit México SPECIAL MARRIAGE CASES AND PROCEDURES by Wojciech Kowal, O.M.I. and William H. Woestman, O.M.I., 4th revised and updated edition, with appendices. Ottawa: Faculty of Canon Law, St. Paul University, 2008. Like the previous editions (1988, 1990, 1994) authored by William Woestman, this book is a compact resource that treats both theoretical and practical aspects of “special” marriage cases. These include the dissolution of the bond in the following cases: ratified and non-consummated marriage; marriage of two non-baptized persons using the Pauline privilege ; polygamous marriages; impossible re-establishment of marital cohabitation due to captivity or persecution; and marriage involving at least one unbaptized party in favor of the faith. Also included are cases of the separation of spouses while the bond remains, validation and sanation of marriage, and cases of the alleged or presumed death of a spouse. The topics are presented in the same order as in the earlier editions. In collaboration with Kowal, the material originally prepared by Woestman has been revised and updated.The most significant revision is in the chapter by Kowal concerning dissolution of marriage in favor of the faith. He provides a commentary on the Norms for Completing the Process for the Dissolution of the Matrimonial Bond in Favor of the Faith issued in 2001 by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Also, the chapter concerningthevalidationofmarriagehasbeenupdated .Itincludesrecentobservations of the SupremeTribunal of theApostolic Signatura concerning the use of “invalid convalidation” as a heading of nullity. book reviews 265 266 the jurist The updated appendices (nearly 150 pages) in this fourth edition contain the Latin-English text of the 2001 Norms for favor of the faith cases; explanatory notes for favor of the faith cases issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF); responses of the CDF concerning the validity of baptism in certain cases; and the pronouncements of theApostolic Signatura regarding “invalid convalidation.” Also included are numerous sample documents (petitions, interrogatories, decrees, etc.) for the various types of “special” marriage cases. The bibliography has been significantly updated. It includes a number of sources and studies by various authors that are new since the previous edition. It is understood that not everything can be included; however, the list is expansive enough to include studies in several languages. Finally, there is an index to assist in locating the treatment of similar topics in the various “special” marriage cases. Perhaps a future revision could include references to the corresponding canons of the CCEO not included in this fourth edition. Woestman originally intended this as a handbook for canon law students and those engaged in tribunal practice. He was dedicated to providing periodic revisions. This project has been entrusted to Woestman’s former student Kowal, an associate professor in the Faculty of Canon Law at St. Paul University. Kowal and Woestman are to be commended for their efforts in updating and revising this guide to understanding and addressing “special” marriage cases. It is not surprising that previous editions are nearly impossible to find, even among used book sellers. Students and tribunal officials would be wise to add this fourth revised and updated edition to their libraries. Mark L. Bartchak Diocesan Bishop Altoona-Johnstown, PA ...


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