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  • Er Moet Ook Stilte Zijn 1 [There Must be Silence as Well]
  • Trudi Guda (bio)
    Translated by Virginie M. Kortekaas (bio)
Er moet ook stilte zijn. There must be silence as well.
De oude man alleen The old man alone
aan de rivier, by the river,
vergeten spreuken spellend weaving forgotten proverbs
in de schemering in the dusk
Over de stillen geen vloek About the silent ones no evil
Er zullen altijd mensen zijn There will always be those
om de gewonden te verplegen who take care of the wounded
De oude man in zijn kruidentuin The old man in his herb garden
alleen met zijn schaduw alone with his shadow
vertrouwd met de dood familiar with death
Zijn boek van stilte His book of silence
spiegelt de strijd reflects the struggle
van wolven en schapen of wolves and sheep
Levensgroot Life-size
Trudi Guda

Trudi Guda, born in Suriname, has a degree in Anthropology and was the head of the Department of Cultural Affairs of Suriname (1969–1971), where she conducted fieldwork in the oral traditions. She edited two collections of oral narratives by Alex de Drie, Wan tori fu mi eygi srefi (1984) and Sye! Arki Tori! (1985). She has published two volumes of her own poetry, De Geur van Franchepane and Vogel op het licht. She now lives in Curaçao, where she works in the Kolegio Erasmo, a Papiamentu-language school.

Virginie M. Kortekaas

Virginie M. Kortekaas, a freelance translator born in the Netherlands, studies Comparative Literature at the University of California at Berkeley. Her translations have been published in The Literary Review and in Modern Poetry in Translation. She is currently working on the translation of a volume of Dutch women poets.


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