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  • Ruina 1 [Home Sweet Home]
  • Nydia Ecury (bio)
Sirbidornan Servants,
asta di mas fiel the most faithful even,
a hisa bela. have departed.
Kangreu The Crab,
a kana drenta sala walked into the parlour
subi stul di zoya and sat down
di oríhen outéntiko in the rocking chair
garantisá. of guaranteed
authentic origin.
E Oloshi su bònèchi
a bira tur di duars, The Clock’s party hat
di skeins, has settled
di kahon; in a lopsided position
den nos kara. as though the fun
is yet to start;
Komehein at our expense,
ta den su hehehe. ever, at our expense.
Makaku babun The termites
ta atmirá su kurpa are having a ball.
den spil rant di oro
ku angelitunan sunú; The Baboon
si preis ta bon, admires himself
ta bai ku tur. in the mirror
with the golden frame
Bofon, kuminsá bo pela djente numa, and the chubby cherubs;
pasó esaki sí ta prèt. if reasonably priced,
Na muraya tur na yaga he’ll take them all.
un kuadro
a keda ta kologá, rogando: On the oozing wall,
Dios bendiga nuestro hogar. Absurdity, Humor’s envoy,
grins from ear to ear,
E! shon Bida! as a tattered sampler pleads:
Bo sa kiko?
God, bless our home. Oh Lordy, Lordy,
Si no ta pasobra Lordy mine!
mi n’ por stòp di yora, Could I but stop crying,
lo mi a hari I’d laugh my head
te rementá! right off!

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Nydia Ecury

Nydia Ecury, born in Aruba, has lived in Curaçao since 1957 where she has taught English. An actress, poet and translator, she has published five collections of Papiamentu poetry, one of which is in both Papiamentu and English, and has translated children’s books into Papiamentu for use in the public schools. Her translations into Papiamentu of plays by Goldoni, Alfonso Paso, Tennessee Williams, Jean Genet, and Shakespeare have contributed to the development of Papiamentu as a literary language. She has received numerous awards, including the 1996 Chapi di Plata literary prize from the Pierre Lauffer Foundation.


1. Kantika pa Mama Tera/Song for Mother Earth (Curaçao: Intergrafia, 1984), 3.