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  • Cosmic Claps, and: Rise, and: Fighting the Wind, and: Eschscholzia Californica, and: Sound of Stones, and: After Haiyan, and: Bamboo in a Hurricane, and: Wingspan
  • Christina A. Lux (bio)

cosmic claps

pour Fatima

she spins like the sun, gathering us in; her laughter, a solar wind, releases aurorae, generating cosmic claps


have you heard the crickets calling, calling your names, waiting for you to rise faster than a grove of bamboo?

fighting the wind

I have seen you fighting the wind! they see only windmills; what greater love risks insanity for a sister’s justice?

eschscholzia californica

native to both nations, self-seeding, drought-resistant, she blows freely across the border. [End Page 190]

sound of stones

do you know the sound of stones hammered till dusk in the quarry? cast by the sinless? yielding blooms before leaves?

after haiyan

la leche, the milk, will come in we see you pumping pumping breathing for your children at the altar night & day!

bamboo in a hurricane

novels: my shield at 12 clasped on a bamboo bed fend off the world of men by hurricane lamplight


para Alicia do you know the wingspan of poems? soaring across the border? smashing the bits in our mouths? so our tongues may stutter, skipping through languages to build the beat of radical love? [End Page 191]

Christina A. Lux

Christina A. Lux currently lives in the Central Valley of California. Her poetry has appeared in journals like North Dakota Quarterly and Women’s Studies Quarterly, on NPR, and in various anthologies. She can be reached at



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