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OCTOBER 16, 2014, TO JANUARY 15, 2015

Armstron, Julie. 2014. Experimental Fiction: An Introduction for Readers and Writers. New York: Bloomsbury. $100.00 hc. $29.95 sc. 216 pp.
Barrett, Ross, and Daniel Worden, eds. 2014. Oil Culture. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. $90.00 hc. $30.00 sc. 456 pp.
Boyd, Janet, and Sharon J. Kirsch, eds. 2014. Primary Stein: Returning to the Writing of Gertrude Stein. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield. $95.00 hc. 310 pp.
Burton, Antoinette, and Isabel Hofmeyr, eds. 2014. Ten Books That Shaped the British Empire: Creating an Imperial Commons. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. $24.95 sc. 296 pp.
Cheyette, Bryan. 2014. Diasporas of the Mind: Jewish and Postcolonial Writing and the Nightmare of History. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. $55.00 hc. 306 pp.
Chinitz, David, and Gail McDonald, eds. 2014. A Companion to Modernist Poetry. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. $195.00 hc. 603 pp.
Crane, Mary Thomas. 2014. Losing Touch with Nature: Literature and the New Science in Sixteenth-Century England. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. $49.95 hc. 227 pp.
Cudy-Keane, Melba, Adam Hammond, and Alexandra Peat. 2014. Modernism: Keywords. Malden, MA: Wiley. $99.95 hc. 284 pp.
Dean, Tim, Steven Ruszczycky, and David Squires, eds. 2014. Porn Archives. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. $99.95 hc. $29.95 sc. 544 pp.
Eller, Jonathan, ed. 2014. The Collected Stories of Ray Bradbury: A Critical Edition: Volume 2, 1943–1944. Kent, OH: Kent State University Press. $75.00 hc. 544 pp.
Epstein, Josh. 2014. Sublime Noise. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. $54.95 hc. 384 pp.
Giroux, Henry. 2014. The Violence of Organized Forgetting: Thinking Beyond America’s Disimagination Machine. San Francisco: City Lights Publishers. $15.95 sc. 280 pp.
Grove, Tara, and Isabel Ostrer, eds. 2015. The World is Waiting for You: Graduation Speeches to Live By from Activists, Writers, and Visionaries. New York: New Press. $16.95 sc. 232 pp.
Guattari, Emmanuelle. 2014. I, Little Asylum. Translated by E. C. Belli. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. $9.95 sc. 88 pp.
Howes, Marjorie, and Joseph Valente, eds. 2014. Yeats and Afterwords. Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press. $34.00 sc. 360 pp.
Jeffers, Susan. 2014. Arda Inhabited: Environmental Relationships in “The Lord of the Rings.” Kent, OH: Kent State University Press. $34.95 hc. 168 pp.
Jusdanis, Gregory. 2014. A Tremendous Thing: Friendship from the “Iliad” to the Internet. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. $29.95 hc. 226 pp.
Karanika, Andromache. 2014. Women, Performance, and Labor in Ancient Greece. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. $59.95 hc. 300 pp. [End Page 359]
King, Don W., ed. 2015. The Collected Poems of C. S. Lewis: A Critical Edition. Kent, OH: Kent State University Press. $75.00 hc. 496 pp.
Latham, Sean, ed. 2014. The Cambridge Companion to “Ulysses.” New York: Cambridge University Press. $29.99 sc. 232 pp.
Levine, Caroline. 2015. Forms: Whole, Rhythm, Hierarchy, Network. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. $29.95 hc. 192 pp.
Massumi, Brian. 2015. The Power at the End of the Economy. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. $74.95 hc. $21.95 sc. 144 pp.
Maxwell, William. 2015. F. B. Eyes: How J. Edgar Hoover’s Ghostreaders Framed African American Literature. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. $29.95 hc. 384 pp.
McLaughlin, Kevin. 2014. Poetic Force. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. $55.00 hc. 184 pp.
Miller, W. Jason. 2015. Origins of the Dream: Hughes’s Poetry and King’s Rhetoric. Gainsville: University Press of Florida. $34.95 hc. 250 pp.
Minnis, Alastair. 2014. The Cambridge Introduction to Chaucer. New York: Cambridge University Press. $19.99 sc. 172 pp.
Nelson, Cary, and Gabriel Noah Brahm, eds. 2014. The Case Against Academic Boycotts of Israel. Chicago: MLA Members for Scholars’ Rights. $34.99 sc. 552 pp.
Radford, Andrew. 2014. Mary Butts and British Neo-Romanticism: The Enchantment of Place. New York: Bloomsbury. $110.00 hc. 272 pp.
Ranisch, Robert, and Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, eds. 2014. Post- and Transhumanism. New York: Peter Lang. $51.95 hc. 314 pp.
Rockhill, Gabriel. 2014. Radical History and the Politics of Art. New York: Columbia University Press. $28.00 sc. 274 pp.
Salvant, Shawn. 2015. Blood Work...


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