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Alkhateeb, Firas. Lost Islamic History: Reclaiming Muslim Civilization from the Past. London: Hurst, 2014. 217p., bibl., ill., $19.95. Survey from the Prophet to the decline of the Ottoman Empire.
Anderson, Cynthia Peters. Reclaiming Participation: Christ as God’s Life for All. Minneapolis: Fortress, 2014. 301p., bibl., index. Human life transformed through participation in the divine in the christologies of Cyril of Alexandria, Karl Barth, and Hans Urs von Balthasar.
Bacon, Anne. The Letters of Lady Anne Bacon. Ed. Gemma Allen. London: Royal Historical Society, 2014. xi, 296p., bibl., ill., index, $80. 197 letters to and from the mother of Francis Bacon reveal the activities of the Elizabethan elite.
Badhwar, Neera K. Well-Being: Happiness in a Worthwhile Life. New York: Oxford UP, 2014. xi, 245p., bibl., index, $65. Neo-Aristotelian virtue as excellence of character and eudaimonia.
Baker, Emerson W. A Storm of Witchcraft: The Salem Trials and the American Experience. New York: Oxford UP, 2015. xv, 398p., ill., index, $29.95. The afflicted, the accused, their judges, and an attempt to hush up the whole affair that marks the end of Puritan communalism and the beginning of Yankee independence.
Baldwin, Peter. The Copyright Wars: Three Centuries of Trans-Atlantic Battle. Princeton: Princeton UP, 2014. 535p., index, $35. The interests of authors and creators against the interests of readers and consumers from fourteen-year protection in the eighteenth century to digital file sharing and open access in the twenty-first.
Bartosik-Vélez, Elise. The Legacy of Christopher Columbus in the Americas: New Traditions and a Transatlantic Discourse of Empire. Nashville: Vanderbilt UP, 2014. x, 201p., bibl., ill., index, $35. The recasting of the first representative of European imperialism during the struggles for national independence in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Beiser, Frederick C. After Hegel: German Philosophy, 1840–1900. Princeton: Princeton UP, 2014. xi, 232p., bibl., index, $29.95. Five great debates in a lively period of philosophical ferment.
Bennett, Kelsey L. Principle and Propensity: Experience and Religion in the Nineteenth-Century British and American Bildungsroman. Columbia: U of South Carolina P, 2014. x, 195p., bibl., ill., index, $49.95. Wilheim Meisters Lehrjahre in Jane Eyre, David Copperfield, Herman Melville, and Henry James.
Biener, Zvi, and Eric Schliesser, eds. Newton and Empiricism. New York: Oxford UP, 2014. xi, 366p., bibl., index, $85. Ten essays on the philosophy of experimental method. [End Page 315]
Billings, Joshua. Genealogy of the Tragic: Greek Tragedy and German Philosophy. Princeton: Princeton UP, 2014. xiii, 258p., bibl., index, $45. Philhellenism from Schiller, Schlegel, and Schelling to Hegel and Hölderlin.
Camprubí, Lino. Engineers and the Making of the Francoist Regime. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT P, 2014. xiii, 298p., bibl., ill., index, $40. The active roles of scientists and engineers in producing the politically mandated research agendas under which they worked, in agriculture, industrialization, resource management.
Cutrofello, Andrew. All for Nothing: Hamlet’s Negativity. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT P, 2014. xiii, 226p., index, $22.95. The use of the character of Hamlet in modern philosophy as analogous to that of the Sophists in Plato.
Dale, Eric Michael. Hegel, the End of History, and the Future. New York: Cambridge UP, 2014. xi, 256p., bibl., index, $95. Hegel’s Phenomenology in the light of the universal history of Herder and Fichte and its appropriation by Nietzsche, Engels, and Kojève.
Decosimo, David. Ethics as a Work of Charity: Thomas Aquinas and Pagan Virtue. Stanford: Stanford UP, 2014. xiii, 354p., bibl., index. How outsiders can do good acts absent Christian redemption.
Erdmann, Axel, Alberto Govi, and Fabrizio Govi. Ars Epistolica—Communication in Sixteenth Century Western Europe: Epistolaries, Letter-Writing Manuals and Model Letter Books, 1501–1600. Lucerne: Gilhofer und Ranschburg, 2014. xxv, 771p., bibl., ill., index. Catalog of sixteenth-century anthologies (annotated, illustrated, and listing all letters in each) documenting the transition from the medieval ars dictaminis to humanist imitation of ancient models.
Evrigenis, Ioannis D. Images of Anarchy: The Rhetoric and Science in Hobbes’s State of Nature. New York: Cambridge UP, 2014. xi, 299p., bibl., ill., index, $95. Human behavior prior to government in Elements of Law, De Cive, and Leviathan.
Godlove, Terry F. Kant and the Meaning of Religion. New York: Columbia UP, 2014. viii...


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