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Allen, John L., Jr. The Catholic Church: What Everyone Needs to Know. Updated edition. (New York: Oxford University Press. 2014. Pp. xx, 313. $16.95 paperback.)
Anderson, Gary A., and Joel S. Kaminsky (Eds.). The Call of Abraham: Essays on the Election of Israel in Honor of Jon D. Levenson. (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press. 2013. Pp. xvi, 390. $64.00 clothbound.)
Anidjar, Gil. Blood: A Critique of Christianity. (New York: Columbia University Press. 2014. Pp. xx, 441. $40.00 clothbound.)
Bartunek, John, L.C. Answers: Catholic Advice for Your Spiritual Questions. (Cincinnati: Servant Books, an imprint of Franciscan Media. 2014. Pp. x, 145. $15.99 paperback.)
Bullivant, Stephen. Faith and Unbelief. (Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press. 2014. Pp. xx, 156. $16.95 paperback.)
Cameron, Peter John, O.P. Made for Love, Loved by God. (Cincinnati: Franciscan Media. 2014. Pp. viii, 152. $15.99 paperback.)
Carvalho, Corrine L. (Ed.). Reading the Old Testament: Pastoral Essays in Honor of Lawrence Boadt, CSP. (Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press. 2013. Pp. xii, 162. $18.95 paperback.)
Cohen, Paul A. History and Popular Memory: The Power of Story in Moments of Crisis. (New York: Columbia University Press. 2014. Pp. xx, 279. $35.00 clothbound.)
Combs, Jack Beckham. The Cubans. (Santa Fe: Documentary Photography Press, distrib. University of Virginia Press. 2010. Pp. 191. $49.95 clothbound.) Essay “Cuba in Limbo—Cuba en transición” by Julia E. Sweig (pp. 25–28). A book of extraordinary photographs.
Cooper, Adam G. Naturally Human, Supernaturally God. Deification in Pre-Conciliar Catholicism. (Minneapolis: Fortress Press. 2014. Pp. x, 259. $39.00 paperback.)
Curran, Charles E. The Development of Moral Theology: Five Strands. (Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press. 2013. Pp. x, 306. $29.95 paperback.)
Doak, Kevin M. (Ed.). Xavier’s Legacies: Catholicism in Modern Japanese Culture. (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press. 2011. Pp. xiv, 217. $34.95 paperback.) Among the articles published here are “Catholic Women Religious and Catholicism in Japan: 1872–1940” by Ann M. Harrington (pp. 31–46), “Toward a History of Christian Scientists [i.e., scientists who were Catholic or Protestant] in Japan” by James R. Bartholomew (pp. 47–63), [End Page 856] “Tanaka Kōtarō and Natural Law” by Kevin M. Doak (pp. 64–79), “Catholicism and Contemporary Man” by Yoshimitsu Yoshihiko (pp. 80–90), “Kanayama Masahide: Catholicism in Mid-Twentieth-Century Japanese Diplomacy” by Mariko Ikehara (pp. 91–114), “Crossing the Deep River: Endō Shūsaku and the Problem of Religious Pluralism” by Mark Williams (pp. 115–33), “An Essay on Sono Ayako” by Toshiko Sunami (pp. 134–44), “Theory and Practice of Inculturation by Father Inone Yōji: From Pantheism to Namu Abba” by Yoshihisa Yamamoto (pp. 145–68), and “Between Inculturation and Globalization: The Situation of Catholicism in Contemporary Japanese Society” by Mark R. Mullins (pp. 169–92).
Durand, William. Rationale Book Four: On the Mass and Each Action Pertaining to It. Introd., trans., and annot. Timothy M. Thibodeau. [Corpus Christianorum in Translation, Vol. 14; Corpus Christianorum, Continuatio Mediaeualis CXL.] (Turnhout: Brepols. 2013. Pp. 525. €70,00 paperback.)
Endo, Shusaku. White Man, Yellow Man. Two Novellas. Trans. Teruyo Shimizu. (Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press. 2014. Pp. 134. $14.95 paperback.)
Foley, Marc, O.C.D. The Ascent of Mount Carmel: Saint John of the Cross. Reflections. (Washington, DC: Institute of Carmelite Studies. 2013. Pp. xiv, 238. $16.95 paperback.)
González, Ondina E., and Justo L. González (Eds.). Nuestra Fe: A Latin American Church History Sourcebook. (Nashville: Abingdon Press. 2014. Pp. xvi, 239. $44.99 paperback.)
Groody, Daniel G., and Gustavo Gutiérrez (Eds.). The Preferential Option for the Poor beyond Theology. (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press. 2014. Pp. viii, 252. $30.00 paperback.)
Großbölting, Thomas, Massimiliano Livi, and Carlo Spagnolo (Eds.). L’avvio della società liquida? Il passaggio degli anni Settanta come tema per la storiografia tedesca e italiana. [Annali dell’Istituto storico italo-germanico in Trento, Quaderni, Vol. 91.] (Bologna: Società editrice il Mulino. 2013. Pp. 374. €30,00 paperback.)
Hoover, Brett C. The Shared Parish: Latinos, Anglos, and the Future of U.S. Catholicism. (New York: New York University Press. 2014. Pp. xii, 298. $49.00 clothbound.)
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