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RECENT PUBLICATIONS RELATING TO CANADA PREPARED IN THE EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT OF UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO PRESSBY GREGORY A. JOHNSON Thisbibliography isintendedto provideascomplete coverage aspossible of newly available material usefulin thestudyof anyaspect of Canadian history. In keeping withthediverse backgrounds andinterests of ourreaders, bothscholarly andwellresearched popularsources areregularlylisted.It should benotedthatitemsof a purelycontemporary or speculative natureandlacking appreciable historical content arenormallyexcluded. Furthermore, accessibility considerations logically dictate thatanymaterials citedhaveappeared inpublished form,theses traditionally beingthe soleexception. Suggestions for possible inclusion in RecentPublications arewelcomed andshould beforwardedwiththenecessary technical information tothecompiler at the Canadian Historical Review offices. SeealsoCanadiana, a monthlylistof Canadian publications preparedbytheNational Library,Ottawa;International Perspectives; Journal ofthe Parliaments oftheCommonwealth , issued quarterly bytheGeneralCouncil of theCommonwealth Parliamentary Association; andin the University ofToronto Quarterly, 'Lettersin Canada,' published in theJulyissue. Regionally-oriented bibliographies areincluded in eachissue of Acadiensis, BCStudies, andRevue d'histoire del'Amgrique franfaise. MAandviiDtheses listed werereportedasrecently completed in theRegister ofPost-Graduate Dissertations in Progress inHistory andRelated Subjects (CHA) for thecurrentyear. Usersof thisbibliography shouldbearin mindthatalltitlesarelistedonlyonce. Because of subject overlap,alternative categories should beconsulted. ABORIGINAL PREHISTORY, DISCOVERY AND EXPLORATION BLITZ, JOHN H.Adoptionof the Bowin Prehistoric North America.NorthAmerican Archaeologist 9 (2) (1988): •23-46 FLADMARK, KNUTR.,JONATHAN C.DRIVER, and DIANA ALEXANDER. Tenam Rosario- h Political Microcosm The Paleoindian Component at CharlieLakeCave(HbRf 39),BritishColumbia. American Antiquity 53 (2) (April •988):37•-84 JOHNSTON, BASIL. Ojibway Heritage: TheCeremonies, Rituals, Songs, Dances, Prayers and Legends oftheOjibway. Toronto,McClelland andStewart,•988. Pp. 176,illus. $12.95 JVNKER-AN•)ERSEN, C.The EelFisheries of theSt.Lawrence Iroquoians. North American Archaeologist 9 (2) (•988): 97-•22 MAC•)ONAI•D, G•HAM. TryggviJ. Oleson andtheOriginsof Thule Culture:A Controversy Revisited. Manitoba History •5 (spring•988):45-58 THVRMAN, MELBVRN. On theIdentityof theChariticas: DogEatingandPre-Horse Adaptation ontheHigh Plains. Plains Anthropologist 33 (12o)(May•988):•59-7ø WIEGERS, ROBERT V.A Proposal for IndianSlave Tradingin theMississippi Valleyand ItsImpactontheOsage. Plains Anthropologist 33 (•2o) (May•988): •87-2o2 514 THE CANADIAN HISTORICAL REVIEW NEW FRANCE AND ACADIA DOMMERGUES, ANDRE.La for•t en Nouvelle-France au xvIIle si•cle. Etudescanadiennes/ Canadian Studies 23 (•987): 53-64 JANZEN, OLAF UWE. 'Une GrandeLiaison':FrenchFishermen from Ile Royale on the Goast of Southerwestern Newfoundland, •7•4- •766:A Preliminary Survey. Newfoundland Studies 3 (2) (fall •987): 183-2oo LECLAIRE, JACQUES. Une traditionancienne:lescampsdechasse desMontagnais dans lesbolsd'apr•sle t•moignagedu P•re PaulLeJeune(sj •634). Etudes canadiennes/ Canadian Studies 23 (•987): 41-52 BRITISH NORTH AMERICA BEFORE •867 BOWLER, R.ARTHUR. Propaganda in UpperCanada intheWarof 1812.American Review ofCanadian Studies •8 (•) (spring•988): • •-32 BROWN, JENNIFER S.H.,andROBERT BRIGHTMAN, eds.TheOrders ofthe Dreamed: George Nelson onCree andNorthern Ojibwa Religion andMyth,• 823.Winnipeg,University of Manitoba Press, •988.Pp.256,illus.$24.95 Chariron Standard Catalogue ofCanadian Colonial Tokens. Toronto,Charlton Press, •988. Pp.250,illus. $•9.95 DION, STEPHANE. La penske deTocqueville - L'•preuvedu Canadafranqais. Revue d'histoire de!'am•riquefranfaise 4• (4) (printemps •988):537-52 DUFOUR, ANDREE. Diversit•institutionnelle et fr•quentationscolaire dansl'ilede Montrealen •825 et en •835. Revue d'histoire de!'am•riquefranfaise 4• (4) (printemps •988): 507-36 GIBSON, THEO T. Robert Alexander Fyfe.' HisContemporaries andHisInfluence. Burlington, Ont.,G.R.Welch,1988.Pp.4oo,illus.$•5-95 LSVERE, TREVOR H.Science andtheCanadianArctic,1818-76, fromSirJohnRoss toSir GeorgeStrongNares.Arctic 4• (2) (June•988): •27-37 MAJOR, ROBERT. Fairedelaterreou fairela guerre:l'intertexte napol•onien dansle romanded•frichementqu•b•cois. Etudes canadiennes/Canadian Studies 23(•987): 71-86 MILLOY, JOHN S.ThePlains Cree: Warriors, Traders andDiplomats, •79o-•87 o.Winnipeg, University of Manitoba Press, •988.Pp.224.$•9.95 O'BRIEN, CHARLES F.The Champlain Waterway,1783 - •897.NewEngland Quarterly 61 (2) (June•988): 163-82 SENIOR, ELINOR KYTE. Suppressing Rebellion in LowerCanada: BritishMilitaryPolicy andPractice,•837- •838. Canadian Defence Quarterly/Revue canadienne deddfense 17(4) (spring/printemps •988): 5o-5 ST-HILAIRE, MARC. Origines etdestins desfamilies pionni&res d'uneparoisse saguenayenne auxIxesi&cle. Cahiers degfographie duQuebec 32(85)(avril1988): 5-26 TAYLOR, ROBERT, and BOBBY STY•O,N. TheWelland Canals: Mr. Merritt's Ditch.Erin, Ont., Boston MillsPress, 1988.Pp.16o,illus.$2o.oo TROXLER, CAROLE W.Originsof theRawdonLoyalist Settlement. NovaScotia Historical Review8 (•) (•988): 63-76 WEBB, ROBERT LLOYD. OntheNorthwest: Commercial Whaling in thePacific Northwest, •79o-•967 . Vancouver, University of BritishColumbia Press, x988.Pp.36o,illus. $29.95 RECENT PUBLICATIONS RELATING TO CANADA 515...


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