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368 THE CANADIAN HISTORICAL REVIEW (;ILMOUR, JAMES M. andKElqN'ETI:I MURRICAI•E. Structural Divergence in Canada's Manufacturing Belt.CanadianGeographeriLe ggographe cansalien, xvn, •, spring/printemps •973, i-iS KEALE¾, OP.•O, ed. CanadaInvestigates Industrialism:The Royal Commission onthe Relations o! LaborandCapital,zStl 9 (Abridged).SocialHistoryof Canada. Toronto, University of TorontoPress, I973.Pp.xxviii,463. $I 7.5 ø doth,$6.50paper. TBR LA•ODO•,STEVEn. The Emergence of the CanadianWorking-Class Movement, I845-75.Journal o[ Canadian Studies/Revue d'gtudes canadiennes, vm,2, May/mai I973, LERNER, OEOROE. Evidencefrom Trade Data Regardingthe Rationalizing of Canadian Industry.Canadian Journalo! Economics/Revue canadienne d'dconomique, vx,2, May/mai I973, 238-46 •CDOVGAX. X., DVNCA••. The Domestic AvailabilityofManufactured Commodity Output,Canada,•87o-I915.Canadian Journalo[Economics/Revue canadienne d'dconomique, vx,2, May/mai •973, •89-2o6 •ACm•X.A•,VAVm S.,ed.Canadian Business History:selected studies, z497-z97z. Toronto,McClelland& Stewart,•972.$•2.50 •rrcx•E•.x., •.w. The ProblemPosed by Technological Changeto IndustrialRelations: Freedman v. The CanadianLabourCode.McGill Law Journal, xvm,4, Dec. •972, 592-6o8 ß Contrzbutors WILLIAM I-I.WI-IITELEY isa memberof thehistory department of MemorialUniversityof Newfoundland. O•ORO•. •UDZ•.NS is a seniorlecturerin historyat MacquarieUniversityin Sydney, Australia. An asociate professor of economics at the Universityof Toronto,n•vm •.•. STAO•R haspublished Economic Analysis andCanadianPolicy. JAN•:uee is an assistant professor of historyat theUniversityof Victoria and isworkingonan 18-volume collection ofDutchdocuments relatingto theNorth American fur trade and cod fisheries. •ARV aALL•.TT is an associate professor in the historydepartment at theUniversity of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. THE CANADIAN HISTORICAL REVIEW Articles in the aEvmw are indexed in the Canadian Periodical Index and in the Social Sciences • Humanities Index to Periodical Literature and are abstracted in Historical Abstracts. Communications with regard to subscriptions and advertisingshouldbe directed to the Periodicals Department,Universityof TorontoPress, Toronto,CanadaMSS 1A6. Individualsubscriptions are$8.ooa year.Inquirieswith regardtomanuscripts andothereditorial mattersshouldbe submittedto the Editor, CanadianHistoricalReview,c/o University oœ Toronto Pres•,Room304, Toronto, Ontario, Canada MSS 1A6. ...


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