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RecentPublica,h'ons Relating toCanada PREPARED IN THE EDITORIAL OFFICE OF UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO PRESS BY DOUGLAS I•IACDONALD Notice in this bibliography doesnot precludea later review;TBRfollowingan ent• indicatesa reviewalreadyin preparation. See also Canadiana,a monthly list of Canadian publicationspreparedby the NationalLibrary,Ottawa;ExternalAffairs,published monthlyby the Departmentof ExternalAffairs;]ournal o[ the Parliamentso[ the Commonwealth, issuedquarterly by the GeneralCouncilof the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association; and,in the Universityo[ TorontoQuarterly,'Lettersin Canada,'published in the Julyissue. Sectionsof the bibliographyomitted from this issuefor reasons of spacewill be included in later issues. I CANADA'S COMMONWEALTH AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS ABRAMS, MATTHEW j. The Canada-United States Interparliamentary Group.Ottawa andToronto,Parliamentary Centrefor Foreign AffairsandForeign Trade, Canadian Instituteof International Affairs,I973.Pp.xii, I48. $3.75paper BOURNE, C.B., editor-in-chief. The CanadianYearbook o[InternationalLaw/ Annuaire Canadien deDroitInternational, Vol. x, I972.Vancouver, University of BritishColumbiaPress, •973.PP.387ß$•4.oo HARBRON, JOHN D.Le Canadaetl'Am6rique latine:la find'unlongisolement. Perspectives Internationales, mai/juin •972,35-9 KEENLE¾SmE, T.A.Canadaand the Pacific:Perilsof a PolicyPaper.Journalo[ Canadian Studies/Revue dYtudes canadiennes, vm,2,May/mai I973,31-49 MORCH•aN, JANET. Sharinga Continent:An Introductionto Canadian-American Relations. Toronto, NewYork,London, McGraw-HillRyerson, I973.Pp.viii, 248 , maps.$5.25paper MOUNT, GRAEME S.Aspects of CanadianEconomic Activityin the Spanish-Speaking Caribbean.LaurentianUniversityReview/Revuede l'Universite• Laurentienne, v, I, Nov./nov. I972, 89-xoo SCHULTZ, J.A.Canadian Attitudes TowardEmpireSettlement, i9t9-z93o.]ourhalol • ImperialandCommonwealth History, %2,Jan.t973,237-52 RECENT PUBLICATIONS RELATING TO CANADA 359 SNELL, JAMES G.H.H. Emmons,Detroit'sAgentin Canadian-American Relations, •864-66. MichiganHistory,Lvx,4, •972, 3o2-x8 STAtuS, DENXS. PierreTrudeauandthe Politicsof the CanadianForeignPolicyReview. AustralianOutlook,xw, 3, Dec. •972, 274-90 STOCK, BV.•N.Canada'sForeignPolicyVacuum: Cultural Affairs.CanadianForum, May •973, TA•.LMAN, RONA•.D D.Reciprocity•874: The Failure of Liberal Diplomacy.Ontario History,•.xv,2, June•973, 87-•o6 wm•.EY, rHiLn,.Whitehallandthe •923 Imperial Conference. Iournal of Imperial andCommonwealth History,•, 2, Jan. •973, 223-36 II HISTORY OF CANADA General COMMUNIST PARTY OFCANADA. CentralExecutive Committee.Powero[thePeople. Fi[ty Yearso[ PictorialHighlightso[ the CommunistParty o[ Canada,•9•-•97•. Toronto,Progress Book,•97•. PP-4o, illus. K•No,WILd.taM LYONMACKENZm. IndustryandHumanity:A Studyin thePrinciples underlying IndustrialReconstruction. Introductionby DAVm J^¾BERCUSON. Social Historyof Canada.Toronto,University of TorontoPress, •973. PP.xxiv,354. $•5.øøcloth,$5.00paper mCKERSO•J., J.W.Responsible Governmentin a Federal State.CanadianPublic Administration/Administration publiqueduCanada,xv, 4, winter/hiver •972, 52o-38 WAm•, NORMAN. MoneyandPolitics:The Costsof Democracyin Canada.Canadian Journal o!PoliticalScience/Revue canadienne descience politique, v, 3,Sept./sept. •972, 335-47 Discoveryand Exploration B•aTHWA•TE, JEAN andw.j. •*O•.AN. The TakingoftheShipBoston:anEthnohistoric studyof Nootkan-European Conflict.Syesis, v, •972,259-66 DODGE, ERNWST S.The PolarRosses. London, FaberandFaber,•973. PP.26%maps, illus.$9.5 o. The Arcticexplorations of JohnandJamesClark Ross. T•R JAENEN, CORNE•.•U J. The Meetingof theFrenchandAmerindians in theSeventeenth Century.Revuedel'Universitd d'Ottawa,x•.m,•, jan./mars •973, •28-44 K•RK,SYLVI^ VAST. Womenand the Fur Trade. Beaver,winter •972, PATTERSON, PALMER. The ColonialParallel: A View of Indian History.Ethnohistory, xvm, •, winter •97•, •-•7- A studyof parallelsin the colonialexperience of CanadianIndiansandothernon-Western indigenous peoples ROSS, W.GILLmS andw. •ARR. Voyages inNorthwestern Hudson Bay,•72o-•772and Discovery of theKnightRelicsonMarbleIsland.Musk-Ox,••, •97•, •8-32 •U•LES, mc•Am••. WestwardThrustin a New Word. Geographical Magazine, xLv, 2, Nov. •972, SMmEy, •.D. The Dallianceof David Thompson. Beaver,winter •972, 4o-7 New France and Acadia CLARK, ANDREW HILL.AcadianHeritagein Maritime'NewFrance.'Geographical Magazine,x•.v, 3, Dec. •97• 360 THE CANADIAN HISTORICAL REVIEW •.EE, DAVm. LesFrancais enGasp6sie, •534-I 760.Revued'histoire dela Gaspdsie, xa,2, avril-juin •973, 79-85 OUR¾, DOM. Marie del'Incarnation (•599-•67•). 2 tomes. Qu6bec, LesPresses de l'Universit6Laval; Sabl&sur-Sarthe, France,AbbayeSaint-Pierrede Solesmes, •973.PP.6Io, cartes, illus.$•6.oo.rB rRUDEL, MARCEL. Le CanadaFran•ais: lesrelationsentrela Franceet sonancienne Colonie duCanadaapres la conqu•te de •76o.Revue[ranfalsed'histoire d'outre-mer,L•X,2•4, •972, •33-7 - Le Terrier du Saint-Laurent en •663. Cahiersdu Centrede Recherche en Civilisationcanadienne-fran•aise no 6. Ottawa, Editionsde l'Universit• d'Ottawa, I973. PP.xlvi, 6•8...


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