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  • Conference of the Japan Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies
  • Eiko Hanaoka and Jonathan A. Seitz

Four lectures were given, with the theme “The Philosophy of Religion in Hajime Tanabe”:

  1. 1. “Philosophy as Metanoetics” by Professor Masakazu Fujita

  2. 2. “Hajime Tanabe’s Philosophy and Christian Dialectic” by Professor Emeritus Isao Onodera

  3. 3. “‘Christianity’ and ‘Philosophy of Religion’ in Tanabe’s Philosophy” by Professor Emerita Eiko Hanaoka

  4. 4. “The Original Subjectivity in Pure-Land Buddhism” by Professor Emeritus Akira Kawanami.

Professor Emeritus Ausluv Lande from Lund University in Sweden also participated in this conference. [End Page 193]

Eiko Hanaoka
Osaka Prefecture University
Palace Side Hotel, Kyoto September 2–4, 2013