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72 01110 VALLEY HISTORY LEFT:Mayor Russell Wilson used this gold key to officially open Cincinnati Union Terminal at its dedication on March 31, 1933. CINC : N NATIMUSE U 41 CENTER COaLECTIONS SPRING 2008 Cincinnati Union Terminal Turns SeventyFive Cincinnati Museum Center Collection Items Document Her History n the last weekend of March 2008, the Cincinnati Museum Center marked the seventyfifth anniversary of the Cincinnati Union Terminal. Dedicated on March 31, 1933, the terminal actually began operating March 19 because fioodwaters closed the five existing railroad stations. Despite the collapse of passenger railroads in the United States, the building itself has survived with only one major altcration . In 1973 the concourse was torn down to allow for an expansion of the rail yards behind the building. In addition to the building itself,numerous items relating to the entire history of the building have been preserved in the collections of the Cincinnati Museum Center,including: Fourteen architectural dra\ vings of the terminal by Fellheimer Wagner Silver trowel used at the cornerstone living in 1931 1933 dedication book published by the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce Don Frederick' s collection of Union Terminal and Western Hills viaduct photographs taken benveen 1929 and 1933 Francis Krotty / Gregory Thorp' s collection of construction photographs a well as source photographs for the Winold Reiss murals that decorate Union Terminal Cincinnati Union Terminal Company records for 19401963 and 19681972 Menus from tlic restaurants housed at Union Terminal Baggage cart used at Union Terminal Wooden ': sleeping cart ticket" sign Papers of Save the Terminal Inc. ( 19721976 ) Silver trowel used in cornerstone laying ceremony,November 20, 1931. CINCINNATI MUSEUM CENTEIR COLLECTIONS 73 CHICKEN SROTH, VIONOISE EN TASSE FILET MIGNON, MUSH ROOMS OR BROILED LAKE TROUT PARISIENNE POTATOES STRING BEANS PAYSANNE Ackl'* rl': 1' b 316= a FANCY FORM ICECREAM MARCH 341933 Menu and program for dinner held on March 31, 1933,to celebrate the opening of Cincinnati Union Terminal. c, N: iNNAi, MJSEUMCENTER COLLECTIONS OHIO V.\ 1. I. EY HIS 1 ' ORY 3/ 5412* 1/ 3 MENU CRAB RAVIGOTE CELEAY OL£ VES SALTINES HAWAIIAN SALAD SPECIAL DRESSING ASSORTED CAKES DEMITASSE 74 B.\ RB.·\ R.\ 1. 1). AWS ON SPRING 2008 1) firing tlie cclebi-ation ofthis dianiorid jubilce, ·, 111 items relating to t|c delliC,ition t;ike on S]) cei,il SignifiC;ince. Iihile the ileclication book pi·c,duceil by the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce has had fairly wide distribution , nvo items relating to the dedication have been rarely seen. These arc the golden key presented to A I: wor Russell Wilson at the dedication and the menu for the civic dinner held that evening at which Wilson served as tr), istniasten Mt· s. RuS. ell Wilson dcinated both ite,11s in die 19509. 1111 estimated fifty thcills, ind people attended the dedication ceremony. Prior to the event the Armci, Steel Band perfurmed music specifically arranged for tlic day. Ilie ceremony began at nvc,thirn ·with the solind of a bugle played 11\' a cadet of the Ohio Militar,· Institute. 1] ien 11 . A. Worcester, president of the Cincinnati Union ' Ferminal Company,presented a gokkn key ti)Al, yor \ Vilson as u symbol that tlic terininal belonged ti) the people of Cincinnati. In accepting the key, \ Vilsin said: AI. \ Wircester, 1 · accept this golden key and symbolically unlock tlle: c lic,ors thrc,ilgh which generations shall come and go. As if 45* l HON. RUSSELLWILSON MAYOR OF CINCINNATI SPEAKERS W. F. WILEY," WELCOME ADDRESS" PAES DENT. CINCINNATI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE HON. GEORGE WHITE GOVERNOR OF STATE OF OHIO HON. JOHN J. CORNWELL FORMER GOVERVOR OF WEST VIRGINIA GENEAAL COUNSEL. BALTIMORE & OHIO R. R. HON. MURRAY SEASONGOOD FORMER MAYOR OF CINCINNATI H. A. WORCESTER PRESIDENT, CINCINNAT, UN ZON TERMNAL CO. ROBERT A. TAFT SECY. THE CINCINNATI RAILROAD TERMINAL DEVELOPMENT CO. DIRECTOR AND COUNSEL CINCINNATI UNION TERMINAL CO. COL. HENAYM. WAITE CHIEF ENGINEER CINCINNATI UNION TERMINAL CO. GEORGE DENT CRAseS VICE PRESIDENT ANO DIRECTOR CINCINNATI UNtON TERMINAL CO. b J TOASTMASTER i ij 73 CINCINNATI UNION TERMINAL TURNS SEVEXTY- FIVE impatient to serve the city the great terminal opened its doors before we could ceremoniously perform the act. Ilic disaster of flood be fell us,and like a faithful...


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