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Number 1, Spring 2014

The Ocotillo Water War and the U.S.-Mexico “Salinity Crisis”: An Examination of Transitivity and Scale in Environmental Justice  
    Stephen Mumme and Peter Leigh Taylor 1
Making the Desert Blossom: Spreading the Gospel of Irrigation  
    Katherine Heslop 29
Ethnic Militias and Insurgency in the Arizpe Intendancy  
    José Marcos Medina Bustos 53
“Certain Flies in the Ointment”: Mulford Winsor and the Development of Arizona’s Archives  
    John Irwin 83
Sonoran Adventure: A 1981 Journey  
    Bernard L. Fontana 183

Number 2, Summer 2014

O’odham and the Pimería Alta

Bringing O’odham into the “Pimería Alta”: Introduction  
    Dale S. Brenneman 205
Establishing Connections to Place: Identifying O’odham Place Names in Early Spanish Documents  
    Ronald Geronimo 219
Torture in Colonial Spain’s Northwestern Frontier: The Case of Joseph Romero “Canito,” 1686  
    Anton Daughters 233
The Mototícachi Massacre: Authorized Pimas and the Specter of the Insurrectionary Indian  
    Lucero Radonic 253
Learning the Landscape: The O’odham Acclimation of Father Agustín de Campos  
    Dale S. Brenneman 269
Healing on the Edge: The Construction of Medicine on the Jesuit Frontier of Northern New Spain  
    Rebecca Crocker 293
The Paradox of Friendship: Loyalty and Betrayal on the Sonoran Frontier  
    Ignacio Martínez 319
Colonial Tensions in the Governance of Indigenous Authorities and the Pima Uprising of 1751  
    Rodrigo F. Rentería-Valencia 345

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Number 3, Autumn 2014

Publishing the Southwest  
    Jeffrey M. Banister 365
Between Yoris and Guarijíos: Chronicles of Anthropology  
    María Teresa Valdivia Dounce 370
  The Diffuse Line: Ethnography and Literature in Mexican Anthropology  
    Andrés Medina Hernández 377
  Sierra de Nadie  
    María Teresa Valdivia Dounce 402
  Like a Painted Footprint  
    Cipriano Buitimea Romero María Teresa Valdivia Dounce 481
  Portfolio of Photographs by David Burckhalter 529
  Acknowledgments 548
  Notes 548
  Bibliography 551

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Number 4, Winter 2014

Racial Fluidity in the Borderlands: Intermarriages between Blacks and Mexicans in Southern Arizona, 1860–1930  
    Sal Acosta 555
The Genizaro Land Grant Settlements of New Mexico  
    Moises Gonzales 583
The Eclipse of the Century: A Story of Science, Money, and Culture in Saharan Africa and the American Southwest  
    David A. Conrad 603
Forging a National Park Service: “The Necessity for Cooperation  
    Dietmar Schneider - Hector 643

Mata Ortiz : Critique and Response

Editorial Introduction  
    Joseph Wilder 683
“Reconstructing a Miracle,” by Jim Hills: Analysis and Response  
    Richard D. O’Connor 687
Heresy or History? In Defense of the Forgotten Voices  
    Jim Hills 721
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