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My people are angels, junkies, and drunks, witches, oracles, lawyers, monks. I slip from the lip, and drink from the sea. I am the ship, and the ghost personality. I am not what you think, nor what you’ve sought. I am the whore who won’t be bought. Behold my guardians and my knaves— try as you will, I won’t be contained. I lie in wait beneath the bed. I’m hovering just above your head. I will strike unannounced and render you nude. May you cherish me in your solitude. I am the root, the bronze, the papier mâché. I will plant you, I will plant you, I will take you away. [End Page 2]


I’ve said the words but can not know what I release

and what I keep, what is chaff and what is wheat,

or what of me is satisfied by errant vice

and put to sleep. [End Page 3]


What the world needs

are bumblebees and the strange vibe,

the slow saunter and the ride, fewer speeches,

more asides, languid rhythms, reckless tides

revelation, subtle finds,

the stupid journey, and the wise,

the crumbled bridge, and a Mayfair Drive. [End Page 4]

Wendy Videlock

WENDY VIDELOCK lives in Western Colorado. Her newest book, Slingshots and Love Plums, will be released from Able Muse Press in February of 2015.



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