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  • Wolf Moon
  • Ed Falco (bio)

Take the clouds, take the snow. Take morning light in a flutter of snowflakes and a winding country road with driveways and mailboxes. Blacktop road, bare trees, three pines side-by-side sixty feet high, branches loaded with snow. An oak with broken limbs caught in its outstretched arms as if cradling a child. Snowfall. Wind. Man in the road huddled in winter gear, fat leather gloves and black knit hat, long white coat over blue jeans and boots. He’s looking down the road where it bends and disappears and a shock of bright sunlight, morning sunlight, the angle low and fierce, lights up the treed hillside, makes it flare amber-gold. Above it a wolf moon in a patch of blue sky. Take a man in the middle of the road, newspaper under his arm, looking up at the white circle of the moon, snowfall and light, as something within him expands until he’s no longer there, only moon and light and wind. [End Page 131]

Ed Falco

ed falco’s books include In the Park of Culture, a collection of short fictions. His most recent novel is Toughs, and his play Possum Dreams is scheduled for an off-off-Broadway run this March at Theatre 54 in Shetler Studios & Theatres. He teaches in the MFA program at Virginia Tech.



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