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  • Hubert Blankenship
  • David Bottoms (bio)

Needing credit, he edges through the heavy door, head down, and quietly closes the screen behind him.

This is Blankenship, father of five, owner of a plow horse and a cow.

Out of habit he leans against the counter by the stove. He pats the pockets of his overalls

for the grocery list penciled on a torn paper bag, then rolls into a strip of newsprint

the last of his Prince Albert. He hardly takes his eyes off his boot, sliced on one side

to accommodate his bunion, and hands the list to my grandfather. Bull of the Woods, three tins

of sardines, Spam, peanut butter, two loaves of bread (Colonial), then back to the musty feed room

where he ignores the hand truck leaning against the wall

and hefts onto his shoulder a hundred-pound bag of horse feed. He rises to full height, snorting

but hardly burdened, and parades, head high, to the bed of his pickup. [End Page 81]

David Bottoms

david bottoms’s most recent book is We Almost Disappear.



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