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  • Index to American Quarterly, Volume 66, March 2014 to December 2014
Thomas Jessen Adams, New Orleans Brings It All Together (Book Review) 245
Linda Pierce Allen, Interventions of Memory and Visibility: Recovering and Reclaiming Filipino American History (Book Review) 211
Ikuko Asaka, “Colored Men of the East”: African Americans and the Instability of Race in US–Japan Relations 971
Benjamin Balthaser, “Travels of an American Indian into the Hinterlands of Soviet Russia”: Rethinking Indigenous Modernity and the Popular Front in the Work of Archie Phinney and D’Arcy McNickle 385
George Blaustein, Culture, Personality, and the American Century (Book Review) 1117
Nao Bustamante, For José 427
Jodi A. Byrd, A Return to the South 583
Lisa Marie Cacho, The Presumption of White Innocence 1085
Iván Chaar-López, The Garden Is the Machine: New Media and Technology in American Studies (Book Review) 1143
Ernesto Chávez, Introduction: Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: A Forum on the Past, Present, and Future of US (Un)Equal Rights 139
Dan Colson, Erasing Anarchism: Sacco and Vanzetti and the Logic of Representation 943
Benjamin A. Cowan, Rules of Disengagement: Masculinity, Violence, and the Cold War Remakings of Counterinsurgency in Brazil 691
Arnaldo Manuel Cruz-Malavé, “Under the Skirt of Liberty”: Giannina Braschi Rewrites Empire 801
Karen Mary Davalos, The Lures and Snares of “The Transnational” (Book Review) 429
Arlene Dávila, Locating Neoliberalism in Time, Space, and “Culture” 549
Sarita Echavez, See Insolence, Incorruptible: For José Muñoz 419
Harris Feinsod, The Era of Inter-American Cultural Diplomacy (Book Review) 1129
Roderick A. Ferguson, The Distributions of Whiteness 1101
Carlos Figari, Queer Argie 621
Carl Fischer, Lorenza Böttner: From Chilean Exceptionalism to Queer Inclusion 749
Rosa-Linda Fregoso, For a Pluriversal Declaration of Human Rights 583
José I. Fusté, Unsettling Citizenship/Circumventing Sovereignty: Reexamining the Quandaries of Contemporary Anticolonialism in the United States through Black Puerto Rican Antiracist Thought 161
Susan Gillman, Humboldt’s American Mediterranean 505
Alyosha Goldstein, Possessive Investment: Indian Removals and the Affective Entitlements of Whiteness 1077
Macarena Gómez-Barris and Licia Fiol-Matta, Introduction: Las Américas Quarterly 493
John A. Gronbeck-Tedesco, Documenting The Crime of Cuba: An Américan Left and the 1933 Cuban Revolution 663
Marah Gubar, Entertaining Children of All Ages: Nineteenth-Century Popular Theater as Children’s Theater 1
Jack Halberstam, José Esteban Muñoz, 1967–2013 (reprinted from Bully Bloggers; originally posted December 6, 2013) 425
Tona Hangen, When Radio Ruled: The Social Life of Sound (Book Review) 465
Carolyn Hardin, Neoliberal Temporality: Time-Sense and the Shift from Pensions to 401(k)s 95
Christina Heatherton, University of Radicalism: Ricardo Flores Magón and Leavenworth Penitentiary 557
Jennifer Helgren, Native American and White Camp Fire Girls Enact Modern Girlhood, 1910–39 333
Régine Michelle Jean-Charles, The Myth of Diaspora Exceptionalism: Wyclef Jean Performs Jaspora 835
Cristina Pérez Jiménez, On Thinking Cruelty: An Interview with Jean Franco 791
Miranda Joseph, American Studies and the University of Debt 283
Sylvia Karl, Rehumanizing the Disappeared: Spaces of Memory in Mexico and the Liminality of Transitional Justice 727
Việt Lê, What Remains: Returns, Representation, and Traumatic Memory in S-21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine and Refugee 301
Johana Londoño, Barrio Affinities: Transnational Inspiration and the Geopolitics of Latina/o Design 529
Drew Lopenzina, Recontextualizing Contact: American Origin Stories (Book Review) 223
Simeon Man, Transpacific Connections between Two Empires (Book Review) 441
Curtis Marez, Seeing in the Red: Looking at Student Debt 261
Monica Muñoz Martinez, Recuperating Histories of Violence in the Americas: Vernacular History-Making on the US-Mexico Border 661
Jodi Melamed, Dangerous Associations 289
Laura L. Mielke, New Genealogies of Performance (Book Review) 453
Koritha Mitchell, No More Shame! Defeating the New Jim Crow with Antilynching Activism’s Best Tools 143
Fred Moten, Poems by Fred Moten, read at “Cruising the Horizon: Remembering the Life, Work, and Legacy of José Esteban Muñoz,” January 7, 2014, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA 421
Nadine Naber, Imperial Whiteness and the Diasporas of Empires 1107
Lisa Nakamura, Indigenous Circuits: Navajo Women and the Racialization of Early Electronic Manufacture 919
John Ott, Graphic Consciousness: The Visual Cultures of...


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