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  • Black Dress in a Snowy Backyard
  • Aaron Gerber (bio)

Aren’t we such beautiful robots! The next time we make up a club, let’s call it The Robot Awareness Club. Our uniforms will be black dresses. Our hands will cup our hips, as we try to sway seductively like humans do. Some of us may see another swaying and believe we are capable of love. We may take digital photos and press them to our bosoms. We may touch another’s exposed neck with our thumb to feel the lifelike rhythm there. Later, when that neck goes cold we’ll think our hearts have broken; it’s easy to get confused amid those tears. Amid those chemicals and machinery, nothing truly human. Which is why we have this private club and why, in secrecy, we hold our meetings in the backyard, when it snows, when we look, in our black dresses, least like robots. [End Page 57]

Aaron Gerber

Aaron Gerber holds an MFA from the University of New Hampshire. He writes poems and songs, and he probably lives in New England.



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